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Cozy room must haves.

 Cozy room must have , and gow to add layers and texture to any room

I believe that every space should be practical, comfortable and cohesive. Practical, because function is the most important part of well designed space. So while planing our living room I concentrated on our real life needs. We live with kids and pets, so this space should be little-creature-friendly. But living room is also a place to relax and unwind for us adults, so this space should be as relaxing and comforting as possible. And a cohesive space is the one where colors and textures compliment each other.

So with all that in mind, while transforming my living room I concentrated on varied textures, calming color palette and functional pieces. Then I topped it all up, with these key, cozy room must haves:

1. Textured pillows and throws.

They add instant element of warmth to any room, are easy to change within season, and make any place look and feel comfortable.

2. Soft area rug.

Area rugs are the piece that adds that polished and designer-planned look to any room, and depending from the colors and textures, rugs can make the space look bigger, more elegant or more cozy!

3. Wooden pieces.
Natural wood ( dark or light) is the element that instantly makes people feel cozy and at home. Sometimes all you need in a room is just one wooden furniture, to add that element of comfort and texture!

4. Scented candles.
A space that smells nice feels nice, and that’s as simple as that!

cozy room decor ideas

The most challenging of all was finding the right rug, as I wanted something cozy, light and extremely soft, while made out of natural fabrics and therefore easy to clean.

I wanted a rug soft enough to sit on the floor with my kids, since we all know that this is where kids like to play the most! I wanted a rug that would be a perfect canvas for changing seasonal decoration, a rug that would be classical enough to keep it for years, yet contemporary enough to match with my slightly modern style.

And that’s when I found Baba Souk, with their Moroccan hand-made Beni Ourain rugs!

I fallen in love in this modern print, and the moment I touched it I knew that I need it in my life!

The best part is that you can have it custom-made for you: white or cream, with black, brown or hot pink argyle color and in the size of your choice! You could choose it with or without a border, and you can even decide on your argyle lines sizing!

They are hand-made from virgin, undyed wool and extremely soft! Also, their quality is amazing, so they should last a lifetime, even with kids around!

 Cozy room must haves

 Cozy room must haves

 Cozy room must haves

 Cozy room must haves

Cozy room must haves, and how to add more texture to any room!

And I learned that sometimes it’s worth waiting awhile for that one perfect piece that’ll wrap up the space. I was looking everywhere for that perfect rug, and while most of my cozy room must haves might change ( like the seasonal pillows, throws and candles) my rug stays the same.

Because it’s just perfect to snuggle on the floor with my daughters, to sit and read with a nice cup of coffee while watching them play. It’s perfect for playing on the floor and for walking bear-feet. It’s warm and oh-so-cozy-and-soft! And it really transforms this room in to our cozy family place.

Sometimes it’s really all about texture and comfort.

And if you’d like to get one of these amazing custom made Beni Ourain rugs for yourself, I have a 15% off coupon code for you, that you can apply on any rug that’s in Baba Souk “carpets & rugs” section! Just use : “cozy” for 15% off !

 Cozy room must haves, and how to add more texture to any room!

Disclosure: I received this product free for review, all opinions remain my own.

Easy and cheap fall decorating ideas

You don't have to shop a lot, to add that cozy fall vibe to your living room! 3 easy steps and a free print, to make your space fall ready!

It’s always the same, with each season change, I feel like I want to change everything in my home, and decorate everything around! I really feel that the best way to welcome the new colors that I see out the window is by adjusting the inside of our home too.

I just really believe that the way we live, and what we set our eyes on every single day, hugely affects how we feel and how we’re motivated! And that’s why my home decor is so important for me.

But at the same time, I don’t have unlimited founds, and I don’t feel like accumulating countless seasonal decoration from Target, only to store more and more boxes in the basement! And so I found these easy and cheap fall decorating ideas!

Because I believe that there’s plenty of other ways to welcome the change of colors, than with buying all the things!

easy and cheap fall decorating ideas

Here’s how it work’s for me:

1. Change the textures and add warm tones.

While summer decor was all about blue airy accents, fall is about turning back to warm tones and colors. I choose yellows and natural tones, but you can go for reds, oranges, plums and deep greens too! I added textured pillows, a new rug fluffy rug from BabaSouk and blankets on every chair!

2. Change the print and add free printables.

This is the cheapest way to change the vibe of the space. Of course, you could go ahead and buy some and pricey amazing artwork, but you can also check my Pinterest printable board for some great free prints! Or you can shop on Etsy for inexpensive and whimsical finds.

Also, I’ve made a calligraphy inspired print: the October quote from Lucy Mound Montgomery, that you can download and print at the end of this post!

Easy and cheap fall decorating ideas, and a free Lucy Maud Montgomery printable for fall #printable #freebee #falldecor

3. Add natural elements.

Nothing adds more texture and life as real branches, sunflowers and a couple of real pumpkins!

Adding natural elements is the easiest on your budget, and can add more charm then anything else! Because let’s face it, natural elements are the decor trend of the season!

easy and cheap fall decorating ideas

easy and cheap fall decorating ideas

easy and cheap fall decorating ideas

easy and cheap fall decorating ideas

I really believe that cozy doesn’t need to be expensive! Happy fall decorating friends!

And if you’d like to print your own “Ann of Green gables quote”, just click here to download!


Furniture: Leon’s furniture

Rug: BabaSouk

Prints: free printables ( check my Pinterest bard for more), the watercolor quote print from here, and the big calligraphy poster from here.

Pillows: HomeSence and West Elm.

Patio tips and tricks that you need to try this summer!

Enjoy your patio living to the fullest this summer! Here are some tried and tested tips and tricks for entertanig, organazing and decorationg your patio this summer!, !

One of my biggest pleasures of summer is spending time outside with my family and friends, watching the kids play, and so I’ve decided to round up by best patio tips and tricks to help you enjoy the same easy summer entertaining as I do! Because summer is for enjoying the outdoor living and meeting with family and friends, right? Unfortunately a lot of times we get too busy preparing for the party to actually enjoy it ourselves. But hosting friends and family over doesn’t have to be stressful nor overly complicated!

1. Start with the finger food and DIY drinks.

The easiest way to feed a crowd is by setting up finger foods and letting everyone serve themselves. Let it be a hot-dog bar, a burger bar or a taco bar, with all the fixings, setting everything out for people to put it together on their own saves you time and makes it easier to entertain!

And as for the drinks, prepare a simple tray with a couple of the options, and let everyone serve themselves.

2.It’s all about the atmosphere.

What makes a meeting a party is the set up. So get some outdoor lights up, add fancy straws to your simple drinks, and decorate your patio with pretty planted plants. This year I reused my old pots, and came up with a whole new outdoor decor!

patio tips and tricks

And you don’t need to be an artist to upgrade your old planters. I’m not a real artist, but it doesn’t really matter, because this trick here is so easy that even a toddler can pull it off. You can find all the details here, in the Leon’s Hello Sunshine Lookbook!

3.Games for braking the ice!

If you’re hosting a party where not everyone knows each other, you can prepare a basket with your family favorite games on hand, if they’ll see it, they’ll want to play!

4. Get rid of the mosquitoes!

It’s really no fun at all when bugs, mosquitoes and ants come to join in the fun! And even though there is big choice of products on the market, sometimes I’m simply out of them, and sometimes I think that all the chemicals in them are a bit too harsh for my kids sensitive skin.

patio tips and triks

But there are other ways to get rid of all the annoying bugs and misquotes! And my home-made mosquito replant is so pretty that everyone thinks it’s actually a summer drink! (I’ve explained all about it here, including the tutorial on making these pretty and all-natural bug repellents!)

5. A seat for everyone.

Nobody want’s to sit stiff on an uncomfortable plastic chair! Make sure your outdoor furniture is comfy by adding pillows and even blankets for those who get frisky once the sun sets. If you’re hosting a bigger group add some indoor furniture and mix them with your outdoor furniture. And for a more relaxed feel, prepare a blanket with pillows on the grass!

patio tips and triks

6. Occupied kids.

To prevent kids bumping in to adults, set up a kids table where mess and spilled juices not a problem. Get them some coloring pages and crayons for when they’re too tired of running around!

And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the party!

3 simple ways for adding character to kids bedroom

Small but light and airy, this all in pastel shared girls bedroom is super functional and so pretty

When I was redoing my girls shared bedroom, I was sure I wanted their furniture and wall colour to be neutral and calm, so I wouldn’t have to redecorate and change the furniture anytime soon. I decided for all white classical style, thinking of it as my first layer of decoration, the layer that’s there to stay. But then, as much as neutrals are gorgeous, I felt like my girls room needed some fun accessories for this extra punch of character!
So here’s when I decided to add colours, and of course accessories.

adding character to kids bedroom

Because when you need to add character to your child’s bedroom, here’s all you have to do:

1. Choose a colour palette.

Decide on 3 to 5 colours that you’ll be repeating in bedding, prints, pillows and rugs.
My pallet for my girls room is white, pastel yellow, mint, pastel blue and coral.

2. Get cute pillows.

Instead of investing in pricey bedding that you’ll be stuck with once your kid will get bored, get some simple and neutral bedding and accessorize it with cute and fun pillows!

I found mine at Two Little Tadpoles, and my daughters love them! They’re extremely soft, and they add the whimsical touch that this room needed!

3. Let the prints make a statement.

Instead of painting your kids room in flashy colors (that are more likely to annoy you after awhile) choose a neutral wall color and hang lots of fun and colorful prints ! I got mine on Pinterest, all for free! (you can check them here)

adding character to kids bedroom


And if you’d ask my girls what is it that they like the most about their bedroom, they’d probably say that they love falling asleep in the same room. And waking up to cloud pillow fights!


Family patio update

Family patio makover

When we where looking to buy a home almost three years ago, I was always starting the visits from going in to the backyard. I wanted a space big enough to play with my kids, to entertain and to unwind after a busy day. I was imagining a spacious patio where I could fit our big extended family, where my daughters could read in the shade and where I could keep lots of potted herbs and flowers. Because for me summer is for outdoor living, for breathing the fresh air and for reconnecting with kids while playing in the sun.

But nothing is perfect, and so the home that we’ve set our hearts on didn’t have a big patio, and we’ve learned to live with that. My hubby had made a set of outdoor pallets sofas, that where fine for the first year, and I learned how not to kill the potted herbs.

And here’s how it looked:

Family patio makover

After two years in our home, it was time for a change. The patio was really old, our DIY sofas where rotting, and our old little table was all rusty.

We needed more space for our summer lifestyle, and furniture that would finally fit our needs. So you can only imagine my excitement when Autumn from Leon’s invited me to joint their team of bloggers and change my outdoor space for good!

Family patio makover

We finally have enough space for our outdoor living , and I’m sharing all the details and more photos in the Leon’s summer Lookbook, Hello Sunshine, here!

And my daughters just love playing there, bringing all their dolls in, and making a mess. But I don’t really mind that at all.

Family patio makover

Girls sheared bedroom reveal

If you’re following me on Instagram then you know that my daughters have been sharing a bedroom since last summer. It started as a one-night-at-grandmas-place kind of thing, and later became the best solution for putting them at the same time to sleep! Also, they love waking up together and cuddling in bed before breakfast, so sharing a bedroom for them was only natural. But since the change happened very spontaneously, I didn’t really have the time to change anything in Rose’s nursery. Quite frankly adding my hubby’s old childhood bed and hoping they’ll sleep through the night without waking each other up, was all I could have thought of. And here is how it looked:

The before photo

But what I really wanted for them is a space that would grow with them. A space comfortable and calming for the evening story time. A space colorful and inspiring for their morning laughs and giggles. So when Leon’s furniture approached me and proposed to make this makeover finally happen, I was beyond happy!

Pastel shared bedroom

And since I really believe in white as the perfect neutral, I decided to stick to all white furniture. I added some personal touches, the monogrammed prints, the pastel accessories, and the DIY shelves for some extra storage. I found the cutest free printables on Pinterest, that I’ve printed at home (you can find them here), the sweetest pastel tassel garland and matching cloud pillows from my favorite small Etsy stores.

Hello sunshine

And since Lili’s room downstairs became their shared playroom, I could have really concentrated on making this space all about resting and relaxing, with as little toys as possible. ( Although if you’ll look carefully, you’ll see a couple of boxes underneath the bed with little figurines and some wooden blocks for quiet play! )

Pastel shared bedroom

And because this room is really small, I decided to take out the closet doors, paint the inside purple ( yes, it’s Lili’s favorite color) and put in there our new dresser! With another free flamingo print from Pinterest, it sure makes for a cute little corner in their bedroom!

Pastel shared bedroom

It’s definitely one of my favorite rooms in our home now, and if you’d ask my daughters what is it that they like the most about it, it would probably be their matching white beds, big enough to snuggle and read together!

Pastel shared bedroom

You can read more about it in Leon’s Hello Sunshine Lookbook , where I share more photos, tried and tested tips for making bedroom-sharing work and the full story behind putting them together in one bedroom!

shared bedroom

And of course, the picture wouldn’t be complete without the cat claiming the space! Honestly, I don’t blame her..

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