New studio reveal – part one

I’m so excited to be sharing our studio reveal with you today!

See, a couple of months ago I realized that for my mental health I need to work more from outside of home – because to be honest, being a work-from-home-mom blogger can sometimes feel isolating and lonely.

Also, I realized that I’d like to take on new creative projects- all while being able to work part time and keep on raising my babies as I do, crafting with them and spending quality time with them. But to have energy to do so, I knew the time has come for me to work out of home twice a week. Because the truth is that while I still love homemaking and mamahood, I’m really so happy and inspired when I go to our creative studio twice a week!

So with my blogger bestie Maca from we decided to rent an empty studio in St Henri and transform it into a creative space where we could do more photo shoots, host workshops and collaborate together. And after years of photographing recipes, makeovers and crafts at my own home, my cupboards where plenty of plates, mugs and pillows for photos (aka – all the props) and my home started to feel really stuffed with my overflow of accessories for my styling needs. So having this fresh new space not only freed my spirit , but have also freed my home!

And today I want to share with you the lounge space of our studio, the cutest space for photo shoots, for events and for daydreaming!

Our space has a kitchenette, a workshop/dining area and the desk/working space ( all which I will reveal next week!) and these two cozy spaces by the window- on the left, a lounge area, with the yellow velvet sofa, and the cosiest green velvet chairs – and the photo studio area on the left, with the pink velvet loveseat and the dreamiest rug ever.

Also, I wanted to say a huge thank you to Structube for making our dreams of colourful plush velvet sofas and the cutest furniture come true and for being the sponsor of our studio transformation!

I really wanted our studio to have this cozy lounge vibe, imaginings the fun photoshoots that could happen here. And also, as a mom of three I was dreaming up a kid- free lovely space, that wouldn’t need to be dirty-little-chubby-hands-friendly. Aka, I was dreaming up pink velvet sofas, pastel rugs and no toys around.

Also, this space is perfect for portrait and lifestyle photography, meetings and simply makes me happy!

Also, one of my dreams was to take the instagram out of instagram – and create a space that will be made for sharing and connecting! How?

  • You can participate in one of our lifestyle workshops that we will be announcing on our social channels
  • You can rent the space for your own event or photoshoot

Now, I will still be the same blogger that you know, sharing my inspirations, motherhood thoughts, decor and mindfulness ideas, but some of them might be shoot here now!

Disclosure – this reveal was brought to you by Structube, all opinions and happy tears are my own.

Resource List:

Yellow sofa  – Structube

Pink loveseat – Structube

Green velvet arm chairs – Structube

Coffee table – Structube

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  1. Soooo beautiful! In a world where most the time mom are made to feel guilty about not being with their kids ALL THE TIME, it is nice to see the idea of having our own space be ok. ❤️ This is amazing and so are you. Thank you for being so inspiring!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I guess I believe in balance in life -and as much as I love my kids I also believe in following your heart 🙂

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