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Moody bedroom update

moody bedroom

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.

Jane Austen

Every year when the seasons change and the days become colder and darker I feel like adding more cosiness to my home. And my bedroom is the only space in our home that I don’t want to be light and bright – actually it’s the only space that I want to feel cam and moody!

Just a reminder of how this space looked like last week:


So this year I was looking for removable wallpaper options – since I can’t really commit to any decor choice to be honest – I love the removable wallpapers for how easy they are to install and then remove!

And this mural from Rocky Mountain Decals was exactly what I was looking for: moody and dramatic, but not too dark, floral yet not girly! Basically a perfect piece for my home!

moody bedroom

moody bedroommoody bedroom

Though what I love the most about it is how it compliments my chandelier and all the fall pillows – essentially how well it goes with the hand made textures boho pillow I got from Taisa Silecky

moody bedroom

moody bedroom

moody bedroom

And if you wonder how you can add more moodiness to your space, here are some ideas:

  1. Paint one wall a darker hue

  2. Add a removable wallpaper like I did

  3. Change drapes and pillows to saturated tones

  4. Add textured textiles

  5. Or all of the above!

Also, don’t be scared of changes ! I think this one can apply both in decor as in life!

moody bedroom


This week of One Room Challenge was all about painting furniture and adding colour and interest to otherwise boring pieces. But before I’ll show you exactly what I did, let me just say that it’s really killing me to share these in progress photos with you! I’m really not used to posting the before shots, and the un-decorated and unfinished spaces!

But then I remind myself that this challenge is all about showing how transformations happen, that nothing happens overnight, and that in every makeover there’s a lot of effort and a lot of mess involved!

So I started by painting a little vintage side table that I had for years now. I used the Behr colour of the year Blueprint, that I think is a perfectly balanced moody blue. One layer and this table was all done!


Then I decided to add a touch of Blueprint to the gallery wall  too, since it looked a bit too dull for my taste. I painted the custom-made signed from Studio Noel on Etsy.  ( The sign was perfect alone, but on my gallery wall it was missing some contrast)

And the last piece that got two coats of fresh paint was the mid-century modern credenza that I scored on Etsy! It had been re finished, but the top had a different colour then the sides, and quite frankly the yellowish wood is not my favourite!

Now I’m just too excited for the next steps: installing the wallpaper and styling !

We just got the wallpaper yesterday, so I think next week it should be up! And then all that will be left is adding layers of texture and setting the nursing/reading corner!

Stay tuned for next week update!


This week of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE we started by doing what most of people would do at the very end. We hang the gallery wall.

Not because I usually start by the very last thing, but because I’m still waiting or my wall mural to come, and for the furniture to be put together.

However, I won’t show you how it looks from close just now, since we still want to paint a thing or two, and that way add more contract to the gallery wall – so you’ll have to wait a little to see how it turned out!

But what I will share with you is the watercolour print I painted for Julien’s nursery – a rainbow. No, he is not a rainbow baby – though I love this metaphor and I hope that a rainbow baby mama will use this print at her own home!

I painted it simply because a rainbow it’s a sweet and whimsical image for a boys room, that fits perfectly well with a Forces of Nature theme I have going on :  the waves, the cloud print, the colours of sun and the sea- ok it’s a very loose theme but a rainbow fits!:)

baby boy eclectic nursery PART 2

baby boy eclectic nursery

you can upload it HERE

Stay tuned for next week when i’ll show you what pieces of furniture I painted and how!


New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

With baby Julien joining our family this earlier this summer, it was time for a change – we needed that upstairs bedroom that girls used to share, for a nursery. And so there was no other option then to turn the downstairs playroom/ occasional guest room in to an all in one girls shared bedroom!

However, the biggest challenge was the tight space and the absence of build in closet! Not to mention the amount of toys that it had to fit in (since our basement is still in construction , there’s no other playroom for now!).

But, I knew that with a bit of an effort, this could be a perfect European style, sleep-and play room for my girls!

Here’s how this space used to look only two weeks ago:

girls bedroom makeover- before

And here’s how it looks now:


New shared bedroom reveal


New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom revealNew shared bedroom reveal

And here are the changes I made:

  • I sold all of their bedroom furniture, and some playroom once too, and with that money I got new. No, not because I like shopping that much, but simply because instead of trying to fit in too big furniture in a tight space, I decided to go for the most ergonomic solution possible.
  • And that leads us to bunk beds! A piece of furniture I never thought I’d get, as I used to think they are too bulky and heavy for our small space. But it was really the only solution, and in the end I love it here! And that leads us to..
  • All white furniture! This is not a surprise, since I have a lot of white furniture in our home –  that’s because, again, our space is small, and with white furniture and colorful accents it feels bigger!
  • A low six drawer dresser instead of a high one that we had – that as you might notice has not much going on on top of it- that’s because in reality it serves as a space to play with playmobil and figurines – my girls favourite play! Plus, I found these zebras knobs that has instantly added character to the simple dresser.
  • New reading nook. We have a big collection of kids books, that didn’t fit in this room, so why I decided to re-use the long thin shelves that used to be hanging above their beds in their old bedroom, for the “Books of the month” display. That way every month we’ll be switching the books that we read before bed time, and they’ll actually get to see better what we have ( in stead of reading over and over the same onse!) . And I think this will encourage them even more to sit ( on that adorable donut pillow) and read alone!
  • Baskets for larger stiffies and dolls – my girls are nowhere close of getting rid of their stuffies collection (that used to just hang out on the guest sofa in here before- aka being a huge mess) Now, with colorful baskets it looks so much more cleaner and is a breeze to clean up!
  • Big IKEA bookshelf with all the toys hid in baskets. I decided to move it from sunroom here, and boy what a difference it made! They used to have more than half of their toys on display here, that resulted both mess, and them saying “I’m bored” why too often. Because since I stopped with the toy rotation ( the basement renovation made me do it –  had no more space to store toys anymore) they would see all their toys at once, and feel overwhelmed. So now, they are all stored and hidden. And it makes clean up easier too.

New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

New shared bedroom reveal

See, this room is definitely not big, but I think it responds perfectly to their needs: there’s place to sleep, space to read, and space to play. And they still get to be close, which if you ask them, is the best part!

And if you’re curious about the resources then here they are:

  1. Bunk bed, dresser and pink rug- Wayfair
  2. The bookshelf with it’s baskets, shelves, frames and the play kitchen- Ikea
  3. Wall hanging and blue basket- Homesense 
  4. Baskets – the yellow one: Lorena Canal rugs; the gold one -Souris Mini
  5. The doughnut pillow :Souris Mini
  6. Prints- mix of free printables ( pinned here) my own printables ( here and here) and my paintings.


Creating a happy home: tips and tricks for overcoming a decorating rut

tips and tricks for overcoming a decorating rut and making your house a home that you feel good in

Creating a happy home that you and your family will love and feel comfortable in is not at all that difficult! And since my home was being featured in the March issue of the Canadian Living magazine, and on the Babsouk blog, I’ve been asked a lot about how I make decisions when decorating and what are my secrets. And while I know that for many decorating decisions can actually feel very daunting, here are some of my fail proof ways to decorate a home in a way that will express your personality, and make you feel happier!

Creating a happy home- my decor cheat sheet

  1. Set aside the fear of failure – the very first thing when decorating should be assuming that you will make some mistakes along the way, And it’s ok, because homes don’t come together over night ( unless you’re a designer, but even they make mistakes!). Homes come together over time, with trial and error. So the best thing you can do when stating to making your house a home ( or when you re-decorate it to feel better in it ) is assuming that there are going to be mistakes . made. But guess what – you can always sell that piece of furniture or ugly art, and you can always repaint these walls. There are very little things that are truly in-reversible. So go ahead, and just start.
  2. Find inspiration and narrow your choices. I know it can be difficult to choose – there are all these styles that are trending now, and so many classical choices out there – but narrowing down your choices to classical – contemporary, neutral and zen – or vibrant and cozy, pops of colour or all monochrome, will only make you happier and more confident. Here’s how you can do it – go on Pinterest and make a board for your home – with realistic ideas ( tip – going very far from your homes architecture usually brings a sense of unbalance – so if you live in a bungalow but are obsessed with french glam, then maybe try incorporating it with smaller touches then going all in with massive furniture ). Pin what you love, and find similarities between the styles that draw your attention.
  3. Start with a neutral base: and then add style – if you’re really confused then it’s easier to start with neural colours for the walls and big pieces of furniture, and only then adding colour and patterns with prints, art and textiles
  4. Look in your closet when wondering what textiles and colours you should choose: go look at your favourite pieces in your wardrobe – is it monochromatic, colorful, or full of floral patterns ? Now incorporate it in the form of prints and pillows!
  5. Budget friendly tip: go for eclectic style. Mixing and matching old and new is my favourite way to decorate, and when done well, it’s called eclecticism.
  6. Plan a colour palette for each room: two – three neutrals ( like white or grey      walls, the colour of the wood, neutral furniture pieces ) and then add 2-3 colours in form of plants, pillows, art and accent furniture. Make sure your colour pallet flows: is it all cold colours that work along, all warm and cozy, are these colours complimenting each other or are they all screaming for attention at the same time and giving you a headache?
  7. Every room needs a focus point! in the living room it’s usually a sofa and what’s around it or a fireplace, in the kitchen it’s the stove, the island or a sink with the window, in the bedroom it’s the bed and what’s above it, and in the bathroom it’s usually the sink with the mirror or the bath/shower. If you’ll ignore the rule of the focus point, and let’s say move the sofa off the center of the main wall, leave mess around  the fireplace and leave the focus point unfinished, you’ll find yourself int he space that’s unbalanced and fells “off’ and uninviting
  8.  Experiment: sometimes without moving the furniture around, you won’t ever know if the look and feel good or not.

Creating a happy home- my decor cheat sheet

And my all time no fail decorating formula is: go for white on white with a touch of wood or metal and a splash of colour. Mix clean lines with one or two curvy and vintage pieces, and don’t  be afraid of a little bit of pattern!

Last but not the least, remember it’s your home and you have the right to do whatever makes you happy in it – be it bringing in a huge lama sculpture, hanging your kids photos on every single wall, or going for that fluffy rug you always wanted!

Creating a happy home- my decor cheat sheet

You live only once, and it’s better to live in a home you love, with furniture and textiles that will get dirty and will need replacing over time, then to hold on making your house a home “later when the kids will grow up since it’s not worth it now”. It’s always worth it! And a happy home makes for a happier family! So go ahead, and make your space feel great!

Decor sources: you can find most of my colourful accessories, poufs, rugs and textiles shown in these photos from my home, over at my friends shop Babasouk

Photos: in collaboration with Babasouk

Eclectic patio makeover

eclectic patio makeover

Here in Canada, there are two seasons only – never-ending winter and endless summer. And I’ve been dreaming about an eclectic patio all winter long! Because after 5 months of staying inside, all I want is to enjoy the warmth!

And so this year I decided to bring my own patio in to a whole new level of comfort. Firstly, because during the summer months I want to enjoy outdoor living to the fullest and secondly, because we’ll be adding another baby to our family soon and I know that this is where we’ll be spending most of our time together.

So here’s what our patio was missing in the past: shade, space for entertaining, storage and real comfort.

Let me show you what I changed and how you too can turn your patio into a backyard oasis of comfort !

Ici au Canada, nous n’avons que deux saisons – l’hiver qui ne finit pas et l’été qui dure longtemps. Et il y a longtemps que je rêve d’avoir mon patio éclectique. Alors cette année, j’ai décidé d’amener mon patio à un autre niveau de confort. Premièrement parce que durant les mois d’été, je veux profiter de l’extérieur au maximum et deuxièmement, parce qu’on ajoutera bientôt un nouveau bébé à notre famille et qu’on passera beaucoup de temps sur le patio. Voici ce qui manquait à notre ancien ameublement de patio: de l’ombre, de l’espace pour recevoir, du rangement et du confort. Laissez-moi vous montrer ce que j’ai changé et  comment vous aussi pouvez transformer votre patio en un oasis de confort!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Canadian Tire, all opinions are exclusively my own.

Firstly, the dining area: we used to have here a round table for four, way too small to entertain, with a small table umbrella that would fly over to our neighbors backyard every time it was windy! Plus it didn’t keep everyone in the shade anyway.

So my first change was adding this gorgeous large table that easily sits six to eight adults. It looks like it’s made from wood, but actually it’s not – it’s made for outdoor living, it’s very steady and water-resistant! And since I really wanted an eclectic vibe, I decided to mix and match chairs, and so I went for two wicker captain chairs and four extremely comfortable bucket chairs that are also perfect for kids, as they are so easy to clean!.

Then, we added this offset patio umbrella: and it has been such a life changer! First, it’s steady enough not to worry about it flying away. Second, it’s large enough to cover all of the dining area and even more, plus it has lights that light up at night! And for our uncovered patio it has really made all the difference in how comfortable it is now to sit outside and eat alfresco!

(Ce post a été commandité par Canadian Tire. Les opinions demeurent les miennes.) Premièrement, l’espace “salle à dîner” : nous avions une table ronde pour quatre, trop petite pour recevoir et avec un parasol à qui il arrivait de s’envoler chez le voisin lorsqu’il ventait trop. De plus il ne projetait pas assez d’ombre pour accommoder tout le monde. Mon premier changement a donc été d’ajouter cette magnifique grande table qui peut facilement accueillir de six à huit adultes. Sa surface imite la texture du bois et elle est très stable et résistante aux intempéries. Pour ajouter une touche éclectique, j’ai décidé de mélanger les styles de chaises. J’ai donc choisi deux fauteuils en osier et quatre fauteuils baquets très confortables mais aussi pratique pour les enfants puisqu’ils sont très facile à nettoyer. Puis, nous avons ajouté ce parasol déporté: et ça a changé notre vie! Premièrement, il est assez bien ancré pour qu’on ne s’inquiète pas de le voir s’envoler. Puis il est assez grand pour couvrir tout le coin “salle à dîner” et même plus. Et en bonus, il a des lumières DEL intégrées pour le soir. eclectic patio makeover

Also, I just love all of the dinnerware, drinkware and serveware that Canadian Tire has to offer: it’s such a great quality, so pretty and so practical! I just love having designated dinnerware for the patio as it makes setting the table so much easier and faster, and I don’t have to worry about glasses being broken on the patio where my kids walk barefoot!

My favourites though are the colorful plates and bowls that set such a cheerful tone to the table!

I also decided to upgrade our lounge area to furniture that are both extremely comfortable as practical. With one large sofa and a loveseat there’s more space to sit for everyone. The coffee table that looks like it’s made from wood adds a bit of elegance to this space, and the softest outdoor rug pulls this area together.

J’aime beaucoup les choix de vaisselle, verres et plats de service que Canadian Tire offre: il sont d’excellente qualité, très jolis et pratiques! J’adore avoir de la vaisselle dédiée au patio, cela rend le montage de la table beaucoup plus facile et rapide. Et je n’ai pas à m’inquiéter d’un verre brisé alors que les enfants marchent pied nus! Mes articles préférés sont les assiettes et bols colorées qui agrémentent joyeusement la table. J’ai également décidé d’améliorer notre espace de repos avec des meubles très confortables et pratiques. Avec un grand sofa et une causeuse, il y a plus d’espace à asseoir tout le monde. La table à café en imitation de bois ajoute de l’élégance à cet espace et, pour terminer, le tapis d’extérieur permet de tout lier ensemble. 

eclectic patio makeover

eclectic patio makeover

Also, I added one very practical feature: the rattan storage box, nested between two sofas, that can fit all of my outdoor decorative pillows, while pretending to be a round side table.

J’ai également ajouté un élément pratique: une boite de rangement en rotin, insérée entre les deux sofas dans laquelle je peux ranger mes coussins décoratifs, bien qu’elle ait l’apparence d’une table d’appoint. 

eclectic patio makeover

eclectic patio makeover

And of course what makes this space a real backyard oasis are the accessories and plants: from the softest outdoor rug, to the outdoor pillows and the metal nesting tables, it’s all creating an atmosphere of comfort and rest while being perfect for outdoor weather ( think: easy to clean and water-resistant!)

And last but not the least, a little something for the kids: the trampoline! Easy to put together, steady and safe but light enough to move it around, it has become my girls favourite playing spot!

Bien sûr, ce qui fait de cet espace un véritable Oasis, ce sont les accessoires et les plantes. Du tapis, aux tables d’appoint en passant par les coussins, le tout crée un atmosphère de confort et de repos tout en étant parfait pour la météo. Et finalement, un petit quelque chose pour les enfants: le trampoline! Facile à assembler, sécuritaire et assez léger pour pouvoir le déplacer, c’est devenu le coin préféré de mes filles pour jouer.

eclectic patio makeover


So here are my tips for making any patio a backyard oasis:

  1. Create designated zones: one for dining , one for lounging and one for playing.
  2. Go for the mix and match collected style of furniture rather than all matchy – matchy sets.
  3. Remember the practical aspects – leave enough space to circulate, think about adding shade, storage and comfort of sitting.
  4. Add accessories as they pull the space together: outdoor rugs, pillows, lanterns and side tables create the feeling of rest and bring the indoor comfort outdoors.
  5. Finish the space up with potted plants and flowers.
  6. And don’t forget to add a designated space for your kids to play !

Voici mes conseils pour transformer n’importe quel patio en oasis
1. Créez des zones designees pour le repas, le repos et pour le jeu.
2. Mélangez les styles de meubles plutôt que de prendre tout de la même collection
3. Pensez à l’aspect pratique: espace pour circuler, quantité d’ombre, rangement et confort.
4. Ajoutez des accessoires car ils harmonisent le décor
5. Terminez en ajoutant des plantes en pot et des fleurs
6. N’oubliez pas de réserver de l’espace pour que les enfants jouent!

I found everything for my patio at Canadian Tire in their CANVAS collection: I loved the fact that you can mix and match the outdoor furniture for that eclectic collected look, and I loved their large choice of accessories, dinnerware, plants and flowers – all in one place! Now all I want is to stay right here and enjoy the summer with my family and friends!

6 ideas for creating a backyard oasis

J’ai tout trouvé pour mon patio chez Canadian Tire dans leur collection CANVAS. J’ai adoré pouvoir mélanger les style de meubles pour obtenir ce look éclectique et j’ai adoré leur grand choix d’accessoires, vaisselle, plantes et fleurs – tout au même endroit!
Maintenant tout ce que je veux c’est de rester sur mon patio pour profiter de l’été avec famille et amis.

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