Creating a happy home: tips and tricks for overcoming a decorating rut

tips and tricks for overcoming a decorating rut and making your house a home that you feel good in

Creating a happy home that you and your family will love and feel comfortable in is not at all that difficult! And since my home was being featured in the March issue of the Canadian Living magazine, and on the Babsouk blog, I’ve been asked a lot about how I make decisions when decorating and what are my secrets. And while I know that for many decorating decisions can actually feel very daunting, here are some of my fail proof ways to decorate a home in a way that will express your personality, and make you feel happier!

Creating a happy home- my decor cheat sheet

  1. Set aside the fear of failure – the very first thing when decorating should be assuming that you will make some mistakes along the way, And it’s ok, because homes don’t come together over night ( unless you’re a designer, but even they make mistakes!). Homes come together over time, with trial and error. So the best thing you can do when stating to making your house a home ( or when you re-decorate it to feel better in it ) is assuming that there are going to be mistakes . made. But guess what – you can always sell that piece of furniture or ugly art, and you can always repaint these walls. There are very little things that are truly in-reversible. So go ahead, and just start.
  2. Find inspiration and narrow your choices. I know it can be difficult to choose – there are all these styles that are trending now, and so many classical choices out there – but narrowing down your choices to classical – contemporary, neutral and zen – or vibrant and cozy, pops of colour or all monochrome, will only make you happier and more confident. Here’s how you can do it – go on Pinterest and make a board for your home – with realistic ideas ( tip – going very far from your homes architecture usually brings a sense of unbalance – so if you live in a bungalow but are obsessed with french glam, then maybe try incorporating it with smaller touches then going all in with massive furniture ). Pin what you love, and find similarities between the styles that draw your attention.
  3. Start with a neutral base: and then add style – if you’re really confused then it’s easier to start with neural colours for the walls and big pieces of furniture, and only then adding colour and patterns with prints, art and textiles
  4. Look in your closet when wondering what textiles and colours you should choose: go look at your favourite pieces in your wardrobe – is it monochromatic, colorful, or full of floral patterns ? Now incorporate it in the form of prints and pillows!
  5. Budget friendly tip: go for eclectic style. Mixing and matching old and new is my favourite way to decorate, and when done well, it’s called eclecticism.
  6. Plan a colour palette for each room: two – three neutrals ( like white or grey      walls, the colour of the wood, neutral furniture pieces ) and then add 2-3 colours in form of plants, pillows, art and accent furniture. Make sure your colour pallet flows: is it all cold colours that work along, all warm and cozy, are these colours complimenting each other or are they all screaming for attention at the same time and giving you a headache?
  7. Every room needs a focus point! in the living room it’s usually a sofa and what’s around it or a fireplace, in the kitchen it’s the stove, the island or a sink with the window, in the bedroom it’s the bed and what’s above it, and in the bathroom it’s usually the sink with the mirror or the bath/shower. If you’ll ignore the rule of the focus point, and let’s say move the sofa off the center of the main wall, leave mess around  the fireplace and leave the focus point unfinished, you’ll find yourself int he space that’s unbalanced and fells “off’ and uninviting
  8.  Experiment: sometimes without moving the furniture around, you won’t ever know if the look and feel good or not.

Creating a happy home- my decor cheat sheet

And my all time no fail decorating formula is: go for white on white with a touch of wood or metal and a splash of colour. Mix clean lines with one or two curvy and vintage pieces, and don’t  be afraid of a little bit of pattern!

Last but not the least, remember it’s your home and you have the right to do whatever makes you happy in it – be it bringing in a huge lama sculpture, hanging your kids photos on every single wall, or going for that fluffy rug you always wanted!

Creating a happy home- my decor cheat sheet

You live only once, and it’s better to live in a home you love, with furniture and textiles that will get dirty and will need replacing over time, then to hold on making your house a home “later when the kids will grow up since it’s not worth it now”. It’s always worth it! And a happy home makes for a happier family! So go ahead, and make your space feel great!

Decor sources: you can find most of my colourful accessories, poufs, rugs and textiles shown in these photos from my home, over at my friends shop Babasouk

Photos: in collaboration with Babasouk

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  1. I love this. Your last paragrah really resonated with me! A few years ago we decided to splurge on light grey furniture we love, even though we have kids that make messes. So yes, we do have to get the furniture cleaned more often to keep it looking nice, but we love our home and the way it feels. I’m so glad we didn’t wait until after the kids move out to have a beautiful home. Yes we will wait until they’re older to have more breakables, but for now we live in a home with light and airy furniture that makes the whole place feel more inviting. It’s so worth it! Thanks for this article, I relaly appreciated it and will use your decorating tips in the future!

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