4 simple ways to enjoy winter

These four simple ways to enjoy winter with young kids have saved my sanity !

If like me you live in a winter wonderland, aka a-place-where-winter-is-long-and-cold, then you know how important it is to actually enjoy winter. It may be hard when the temperatures drop drastically, or when it’s snowing so badly that you barely see where you’re going. But when doing winter sports with young kids is not your thing (it’s really not mine), then you’re tempted to stay inside, and that can end up in a seasonal winter depression!

Enjoy winter

Yes, my first winter as a new mom, four years ago, was the darkest I can remember. I was too freezing cold to leave the house, and I was scared to expose my small baby to the snow and cold. So I stayed inside of the house for four long months! At the end, I was depressed, I hated winter, and I was getting constantly sick. Since then I’m doing my best to conquer winter, by dressing better and doing more winter activities, even when I have to drag myself to it!

So when I found Noujica back in November, I knew that I needed their winter gear. Because when you’re dressed warm enough, if your mittens stay dry and your ears are covered, then it’s easier to enjoy winter, even if you’re stuck in the city. And this winter gear is not only super warm, extra soft, and really cute, but it’s also meant to tough through the coldest Canadian winter, as it’s made and designed locally, from resistant organic materials.

And so when the big snowstorm did finally came, I felt confident enough to actually go outside and play with my daughters. I even came up with new ways to enjoy our cold Canadian weather. So here are some simple ways to enjoy this snowy season, even when it’s really cold, even with young kids, and even in a city!

1.Go on a winter hunt with your kids.

This is a great activity even for toddlers! All you need, is a list of things to find, and you’re ready to go. I printed mine here, and then I’ve put it in to a plastic cover. We were supposed to find birds, branches, berries, traces of animals and pinecones.

Nature hunt

It’s all about staying focused and encouraging your kids to observe carefully what’s happening around them!

Nature hunt

And will you believe me if I’ll tell you, that it was -16 C, and that we really didn’t mind it?

Nature hunt

We found everything that was on our list, and we even found birds to feed. Of course Lili couldn’t stand still, so the birds never really approached her, regardless of the fact that she was trying her best to sing like a bird so they would come!

Winter nature hunt

And despite the weather, we walked, and we picked tiny pine corns, and we spotted animal traces all in that crazy cold weather! And our hands did stay dry!

Winter nature hunt

2.Dress similarly with your kids in coordinated mittens, hats and scarfs.

It may sound silly, but it did cheer my daughter to see that we can be dressed similarly! Our scarfs, mittens and hats from Noujica are similar, and it made my daughter so happy to be dressed like mommy!

Enjoy winter

3.Play in the snowstorm in the backyard.
My usual respond to a snowstorm is making sure that we have enough of hot chocolate with marshmallows on hand. But, last time a snowstorm did happen, we just dressed warm, we grabbed our winter gear from Noujica, and we went to make paths in the snow, and some snow angels in the backyard!

Enjoy winter

And it may sound a bit crazy, but I think that this afternoon of snow-angel-making, was one of the best that or backyard have seen!

Ways to enjoy winter

But obviously, we did have some hot chocolate afterword!

Winter nature hunt

4.Have your coffee outside, even if it snows!
Just make sure you’re wearing some winter gear, and enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland!

Enjoy winter

And if like me you have young children, and your stuck in the city, how do you enjoy winter?

Disclosure: I got this product free for review, all opinions remain my own.

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