Best gifts for girls 6 to 9 years old this Holiday season

My girls are now six and a half and almost nine so I figured that I’ll share with you the best toys, books and dress up ideas we discovered this year- things that they really play with constantly, that are still on their dear Santa list and that I’m sure your daughter too will love too!

So first let me start by saying that some of the items I have personally bought for them and some we had the chance to discover – hovewer they are all the absolute favourite, loved and tested- and would all make for amazing christmas gifts – withoit breaking a bank!


So here’s what I wholeheartedly suggest this holiday season:


  • Blume dolls collection. Every single toy from this collection is adorable, sparks imagination and offers endless play possibilities! Fun starts as kids unpack the dolls ( or Blume pet ) with dolls either blooming from a pot, or blooming in a flower- only to discover lots of accessories, water play ideas and plenty of uses to the packaging itself ( plant flowers, store accessories, craft- the options are endless) These toys are also really affordable so they won’t break the bank while being a sure hit! So me, I’m getting more of the Baby Blume dolls for my girls this holidays!
  • VTech Myla’s Sparkling Friends– technically not a doll but a sparkly animal but offers same imaginative play while singing, changing colours and asking questions! ( my middle girls favourite evening-by-the-bed toy – since it looks so pretty in the dark!)
  • Dolls By Polina handmade doll- a heirloom quality decorative- yet sturdy to play with- beautiful hand made doll- perfect for any little girls room decor
  • Cuddle and Kind– while technically these are baby dolls, my girls still love having them in their beds, as they are both adorable and super soft to sleep with ( and every purchase helps feeding kids in need!)


  • Books from the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series. Encouraging short stories about real life woman and girls from both long ago and not that long, these stories are a great way to show your daughter that woman can do anything they set their mind on- even if the road to the goal is long and difficult!
  • Books by Raina Telgemeier for kids. Her unique style of cartoons will charm your daughter while presenting her with smart, unique and sensitive way of storytelling. Both of my girls are in love with The Baby-Sitters Club series ( they will be getting new toms in their stockings this year!) and the trilogy based on Raina Telgemeier teen years ( we have the french version) – and really I love how intelligent and charming these books are while being a great educative tool and a way to start conversetaion with your preeteen on a number of tough subjects.

Imaginative play

  • Mini & Me dress up dresses. These dresses are beautifully made, great quality dress up gowns that are made for your daughter and her doll. I love their quality ( none of that plastic feel of halloween princess dresses) and they love how they can dress up matching with their dolls. Very unique gift that encourages imaginative play!
  • V-tech KidiZoom creator cameraWe got to discover some of the Vtech new toys earlier this season, and while Julien loved his finds ( I’ll share our favourite toddler gift ideas next week!) girls got to discover this camera- and let me tell you, it’s not your regular phone camera! No tonly it is kid friendly, but also it comes with a green screen that lets kids create tons of fun videos with special effects ( traveling to space, meeting dinosaurs, deep diving just to name a few!) My oldest daughter is absolutely obsessed with it, and since we are still at home quite a lot this camera let’s them not only play and create but also feel like they’re on an adventure- while staying safe at home!

I hope these ideas can help you shopping this holiday season!

Disclaimer- some of the items listed where given to me while some were my own buy, all of them are equally amazing and reflect my true thoughts and feelings!

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