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Best rugs for kids spaces- and updates of ORC week 5

I can’t believe it’s already ORC week 5 ! The wallpaper is up, the furniture is painted, and the most gorgeous rug has arrived on time! Woohoo!

Now, before I show you the updates I wanted to take a minute to chat rugs in kids spaces. I know this is somehow unconventional for many- I heard ppl say that a rug in kids space gets dirty way too often, that kids make too much mess for a rug and that cleaning play dough from a rug is nightmare. And while the last one may be true I still believe that every room in a home benefits from a rug!

Here’s why:

  • A rug grounds and defines a space.
  • Well sized rig will make a room look both bigger and more put together.
  • In colder climates it makes a room warmer and floor play much more comfortable.
  • Rug design can completely change a room without having to change furniture or paint.

So when choosing a rug for my daughter’s room I knew that she likes playing on the floor, that she’s big enough not to try to paint or use play dough on it and that she loves colours. With that in mind I decided for a colorful soft ands playful one from Mohawk Home.

And if you’re planning your kids room too, I rounded some other great choices:

Pink area rug

Neutral and blue area rug

Cream and neutral area rug

Navy blue area rug

Creamy white area rug

Colorful forest area rug

Floral area rug

Dark pink area rug

And as for the updates in my daughter’s room.. I’ll share only a little sneak peek for now! You’ll have to wait to see what rug I have chosen for this room and how the painted furniture look with that colorful wallpaper – stay tuned! I

Disclaimer- Mohawk Home is my partner for ORC, all opinions and enthusiasm are completely my own!

Change of plans- ORC week 3

It’s end of week 3 of One Room Challenge and I actually decided to change the plans a little bit! I was going for a two tone color palette of pinks and blues when I realized that it feels very.. flat!

So let me show you my new plan:

Literally last minute I came to conclusion that I can’t go with blue anymore. And I was supposed to paint both the large armoire blue and the shelf over my daughters desk. But as I was in my local small decor boutique getting paint for the armoire- I decided to go for sage green instead of the pale blue I had planned in the beginning. And let me tell you- the sage green looks so much better! The moment I started painting that armoire I knew that a more complex color palette is where it’s at! And it’s funny really because I have never decorated with green before! And while my daughter is a little bit disappointed it’s not pink – I think that the room will be girly enough with the all pink bed and the canopy! I still need to finish painting the bed but I can’t wait to show you how the painted pieces turned out next week! And the following week it’s time to put up the wallpaper up!

I’ll show you more progress photos next week, so stay tuned!

Whimsical & magical bedroom makover- ORC week one

It’s this time of year again! Spring is in the air, may showers ar among us and One Room Challenge is starting yet again! In the past years I joined this ultimate decor blogging event twice- for my sons nursery 2.5 years ago and for a basement bathroom 2 years ago.

Meanwhile we moved to our new home, that I have been non stop renovating with my hubby for 7 months now- and while we don’t have a major gut job to show you during the next week I still decided to join in on the challenge! Let me show you why!

My middle daughter’s bedroom is well liked on Instagram- and while it does have cute vibes going on, in real life it’s the most messy room in the entire house! Sure, she’s a kid, but her room was also taken over by Barbies, toys and have basically lost a battle with a creative , crafty and naturally messy kid. Though the main reason is lack of proper organisation.

So here’s how her room looks now- without being cleaned, staged and prepared for photos. The toys have completely taken over, the big dolls are scattered around without a proper spot , barbie corner is a disaster the desk is a huge pile of mess and her bookcase is serving anything but books.

So the main issue I’ll be addressing here is lack of organisation. Secondly, while her room is cute it’s not very cohesive- it feels more like a set of corners.

But I do have a plan!

First, let me show you the moodboard:

As you can see my daughter loves pink- and a lot of colours together for that matter. And since it’s her room I had to take her likes and dislikes in consideration-so all white, graige, black and gray colours and ideas got a definite no no from her. Little lady insisted on pinks, blues, yellows and unicorns..

So, here’s exactly what I’m going to tackle over the next couple of weeks:

  • I’ll add a wall of whimsical wallpaper that will drive interest to one main focal point and set a cohesive tone
  • I’ll switch her current bed for a wood one I will paint ( her current bed can be shortened in to a toddler size bed and her brother is ready for it as he’s outgrowing his crib- while the new bed will add more character and old europe vibe here.
  • I’ll add a large rug that will ground the room and pull it together.
  • I’ll move barbies to the basement playroom – where there’s a whole piece of furniture currently standing empty, perfect for organizing barbies.
  • I’ll be organizing her desk space with shelves and hanging pencil bins somy little creative can still easily draw and paint but also easily clean up.
  • I’ll be moving the bookshelf to her big sis room- who actually has a lot of books that she can’t fit now.
  • I’ll be bringing an Ikea armoire from her sis room, adding shelves inside and painting it – that will be great for hidden toys storage and keeping things looking clean.
  • Adding more baskets for her treasures.
  • And lastly, organizing a designated space for her big dolls ( that apparently just can’t ” live in the playroom” )

I’m really excited about this room update! Let’s get started!

And, if you also struggle with your kids room organisation and decor, stay tuned! I think this makeover will be so fun- and hopefully it’ll lead to an organized & clean room for my little Rose!

Eclectic summer mantel

This week haven’t been easy in terms of news coming from all around. My heart is heavy. We are raising children in a broken world. I feel this very deeply now.

But it’s also summer, I’m home with kids during this quaranitne , and I do need ways to stay sane- and home decorating is exactly that for me. My home therapy. And I know many of you feel the same.

So today I have got together with a group of bloggers to show you too can simply decorate your mantel for summer.

I choose to add blue accents, like art, books and vase, to bring that light breezy summer mood. I kept my spring leaf garland around the mirror, and decided to bring a big plant in front of the mantel, since s=nothing says summer more than lush green plant in my opinion!

Today I’m joined by some of my blogging friends who are also sharing their summer mantel and vignette ideas.

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Whimsical summer wreath DIY

Summer is almost here, the days are full of sun, and we play more and more outside- so it’s only natural that I have got together with my blogging friends to bring you the cutest summer wreath ideas!

Make sure to check them all at the bottom!

I decided to go for a delicate and whimsical look, and here’s what I came up with:

Now, can you imagine I used to spend a small fortune on wreaths? Don’t tell my hubby, bur every season I would visit my local Home Sense and swoon over the cutest seasonal wreaths ending up getting ” the last one this time” .

But last year I discovered that you can actually make one, for a fraction of the price using dollar store items- and a hot glue gun!Best part is that you can personalize it in any way possible.

So today I decided to make us a delicate and whimsical summer wreath. Something that would match my etryway decor but wouldn’t overwhelm it.

All I used was this rope wreath, some paper mini blooms, tiny mushrooms and I have put it all together with a glue gun! So simple, took me less than 30 minours, and looks absolutely lovely in my home!

After hanging it in our entryway I wanted to see how it would look on our back front door and to be honest now I can’t decide where I should leave it- either way my girls decided that loved it too! Seriously, making your own wreaths is so easy, and definitely more affordable!

Now, which one do you think looks better- my whimsical summer wreath on black or white doors?

And make sure to check my talented friends summer wreath ideas!

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One room challenge week 4-choosing the perfect paint colour tips and tricks

I think one of the easiest ways to transform any space is by changing wall colours- we all know that light paint makes a room feel bigger, and dark makes it feels more cozy. Bright colours stimulate us, while muted ounces calm us. So choosing the right colour is very important!

Hoverewr, there is so much more to be considered when choosing a paint colour. Mood of the space, light, function and large pieces of furniture are all important factors!

And yes, white in an ultimate designer choice– it makes everything else pop and enlarges any space. But, and that’s something we don’t hear enough- it can also look gray, drab and sad in a space that doesn’t have enough natural light.

Then there are trends- we all know that every year we have a new colour of the year, and then after months of seeing it everywhere either all of a sudden we end up liking it ( I’m, looking at you hunter green) or we start to hate it.

So for my One Room Challenge bathroom project I knew I wanted a hint of colour- saturated enough to add depth to my basement space- but light enough to keep the space feeling ary. And so I decided not to go with white (even though I love all white spaces) because it’s a basement bathroom with very little natural light.

The moody and dramatic look wasn’t something I was imagining here nighter. Why? Well, in my humble opinion moody and dramatic works best in a room that you spend evenings with artificial light on OR in a room with huge windows and LOTS of natural light.

So where did it leave us in the One room challenge you ask me?

Well, I was debating between creamy whites, soft greens, peachy pinks,light corals or worm graiges for this new space.

These where my favourite paint colours that I was considering for my bathroom that I found at my local Home Depot:

And what did we choose? Drumroll please!

A soft peach! Now, this photo is our work in progress pic from the late evening, but I think you can imagine how great it’ll look with gold scones, wood vanity and that blue tile once everything is done!

Here’s a little sneak peak:

But how it looks all together you’ll see at the big reveal! Stay tuned!

This post is brought to you by our renovations partner Home Depot Canada, all opinions remain exclusively my own!

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