Change of plans- ORC week 3

It’s end of week 3 of One Room Challenge and I actually decided to change the plans a little bit! I was going for a two tone color palette of pinks and blues when I realized that it feels very.. flat!

So let me show you my new plan:

Literally last minute I came to conclusion that I can’t go with blue anymore. And I was supposed to paint both the large armoire blue and the shelf over my daughters desk. But as I was in my local small decor boutique getting paint for the armoire- I decided to go for sage green instead of the pale blue I had planned in the beginning. And let me tell you- the sage green looks so much better! The moment I started painting that armoire I knew that a more complex color palette is where it’s at! And it’s funny really because I have never decorated with green before! And while my daughter is a little bit disappointed it’s not pink – I think that the room will be girly enough with the all pink bed and the canopy! I still need to finish painting the bed but I can’t wait to show you how the painted pieces turned out next week! And the following week it’s time to put up the wallpaper up!

I’ll show you more progress photos next week, so stay tuned!

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