Best rugs for kids spaces- and updates of ORC week 5

I can’t believe it’s already ORC week 5 ! The wallpaper is up, the furniture is painted, and the most gorgeous rug has arrived on time! Woohoo!

Now, before I show you the updates I wanted to take a minute to chat rugs in kids spaces. I know this is somehow unconventional for many- I heard ppl say that a rug in kids space gets dirty way too often, that kids make too much mess for a rug and that cleaning play dough from a rug is nightmare. And while the last one may be true I still believe that every room in a home benefits from a rug!

Here’s why:

  • A rug grounds and defines a space.
  • Well sized rig will make a room look both bigger and more put together.
  • In colder climates it makes a room warmer and floor play much more comfortable.
  • Rug design can completely change a room without having to change furniture or paint.

So when choosing a rug for my daughter’s room I knew that she likes playing on the floor, that she’s big enough not to try to paint or use play dough on it and that she loves colours. With that in mind I decided for a colorful soft ands playful one from Mohawk Home.

And if you’re planning your kids room too, I rounded some other great choices:

Pink area rug

Neutral and blue area rug

Cream and neutral area rug

Navy blue area rug

Creamy white area rug

Colorful forest area rug

Floral area rug

Dark pink area rug

And as for the updates in my daughter’s room.. I’ll share only a little sneak peek for now! You’ll have to wait to see what rug I have chosen for this room and how the painted furniture look with that colorful wallpaper – stay tuned! I

Disclaimer- Mohawk Home is my partner for ORC, all opinions and enthusiasm are completely my own!

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