One room challenge week 4-choosing the perfect paint colour tips and tricks

I think one of the easiest ways to transform any space is by changing wall colours- we all know that light paint makes a room feel bigger, and dark makes it feels more cozy. Bright colours stimulate us, while muted ounces calm us. So choosing the right colour is very important!

Hoverewr, there is so much more to be considered when choosing a paint colour. Mood of the space, light, function and large pieces of furniture are all important factors!

And yes, white in an ultimate designer choice– it makes everything else pop and enlarges any space. But, and that’s something we don’t hear enough- it can also look gray, drab and sad in a space that doesn’t have enough natural light.

Then there are trends- we all know that every year we have a new colour of the year, and then after months of seeing it everywhere either all of a sudden we end up liking it ( I’m, looking at you hunter green) or we start to hate it.

So for my One Room Challenge bathroom project I knew I wanted a hint of colour- saturated enough to add depth to my basement space- but light enough to keep the space feeling ary. And so I decided not to go with white (even though I love all white spaces) because it’s a basement bathroom with very little natural light.

The moody and dramatic look wasn’t something I was imagining here nighter. Why? Well, in my humble opinion moody and dramatic works best in a room that you spend evenings with artificial light on OR in a room with huge windows and LOTS of natural light.

So where did it leave us in the One room challenge you ask me?

Well, I was debating between creamy whites, soft greens, peachy pinks,light corals or worm graiges for this new space.

These where my favourite paint colours that I was considering for my bathroom that I found at my local Home Depot:

And what did we choose? Drumroll please!

A soft peach! Now, this photo is our work in progress pic from the late evening, but I think you can imagine how great it’ll look with gold scones, wood vanity and that blue tile once everything is done!

Here’s a little sneak peak:

But how it looks all together you’ll see at the big reveal! Stay tuned!

This post is brought to you by our renovations partner Home Depot Canada, all opinions remain exclusively my own!

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