Whimsical & magical bedroom makover- ORC week one

It’s this time of year again! Spring is in the air, may showers ar among us and One Room Challenge is starting yet again! In the past years I joined this ultimate decor blogging event twice- for my sons nursery 2.5 years ago and for a basement bathroom 2 years ago.

Meanwhile we moved to our new home, that I have been non stop renovating with my hubby for 7 months now- and while we don’t have a major gut job to show you during the next week I still decided to join in on the challenge! Let me show you why!

My middle daughter’s bedroom is well liked on Instagram- and while it does have cute vibes going on, in real life it’s the most messy room in the entire house! Sure, she’s a kid, but her room was also taken over by Barbies, toys and have basically lost a battle with a creative , crafty and naturally messy kid. Though the main reason is lack of proper organisation.

So here’s how her room looks now- without being cleaned, staged and prepared for photos. The toys have completely taken over, the big dolls are scattered around without a proper spot , barbie corner is a disaster the desk is a huge pile of mess and her bookcase is serving anything but books.

So the main issue I’ll be addressing here is lack of organisation. Secondly, while her room is cute it’s not very cohesive- it feels more like a set of corners.

But I do have a plan!

First, let me show you the moodboard:

As you can see my daughter loves pink- and a lot of colours together for that matter. And since it’s her room I had to take her likes and dislikes in consideration-so all white, graige, black and gray colours and ideas got a definite no no from her. Little lady insisted on pinks, blues, yellows and unicorns..

So, here’s exactly what I’m going to tackle over the next couple of weeks:

  • I’ll add a wall of whimsical wallpaper that will drive interest to one main focal point and set a cohesive tone
  • I’ll switch her current bed for a wood one I will paint ( her current bed can be shortened in to a toddler size bed and her brother is ready for it as he’s outgrowing his crib- while the new bed will add more character and old europe vibe here.
  • I’ll add a large rug that will ground the room and pull it together.
  • I’ll move barbies to the basement playroom – where there’s a whole piece of furniture currently standing empty, perfect for organizing barbies.
  • I’ll be organizing her desk space with shelves and hanging pencil bins somy little creative can still easily draw and paint but also easily clean up.
  • I’ll be moving the bookshelf to her big sis room- who actually has a lot of books that she can’t fit now.
  • I’ll be bringing an Ikea armoire from her sis room, adding shelves inside and painting it – that will be great for hidden toys storage and keeping things looking clean.
  • Adding more baskets for her treasures.
  • And lastly, organizing a designated space for her big dolls ( that apparently just can’t ” live in the playroom” )

I’m really excited about this room update! Let’s get started!

And, if you also struggle with your kids room organisation and decor, stay tuned! I think this makeover will be so fun- and hopefully it’ll lead to an organized & clean room for my little Rose!

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