Easy Halloween craft : pumpkin friends

I bought some mini pumpkins and they seemd to be perfect for a Halloween craft, and since my daughter loves to play with little figurines, I decided to make with here these pumpkin friends that she can play with. With Halloween being on top of her head recently, I made her day with those little pumpkins! I think that this girl of mine is constantly thinking about desserts and sweets, so no wander that Halloween is her favourite day (mine too actually ). You see, were I grew up we didn’t had Halloween, so I’m like a kid now, decorating, dressing up, and hoping for candies! But since I’m not that much in to creepy and scary Halloween decoration, my number 1 choose for crafts and decoration are pumpkins :).

Three pumpkin friends

I helped her draw the pumpkin smiles, but if your kid is a bit older I’m sure they can make a pumpkin friend like this with out any help of an adult. It’s really a super easy Halloween craft!

Here is what you need :

Little pumpkins
Plastic eyes
Yellow pipe cleaner
Black marker

Now let your kid glue the eyes on to these little pumpkins, insert the pipe cleaner hands and corns, and if they can, let them draw the missing details of their little pumpkin friend.

After we finished our pumpkin friends, Lili was pretending that it’s a pumpkin family, then she decided to wash them with a cloth, and then dry them in the garden.. So in the end they needed a new pumpkin face ! But she was taking care of these little pumpkin friends for like an hour!

So I think that this little Halloween craft was a success! Only 10 minutes of making a craft with mom, and then an hour of independent play with her pumpkin friends ! That’s what I like 🙂

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  1. These are so cute! We are about to have a group pumpkin escorting days for the neighborhood kids. I love the goggly eyes. We orders the different sticker faces. Carving a pumpkin is just too much for a large group of young kids. Stickers and markers are the way to go!

  2. Joanna, this is so cute!! My preschooler goes to a private school and they are in need of some “not so scary” halloween craft ideas! I am sharing this for sure!

    1. Thank you ! Honestly I don’t think that I’ll ever allow the scary Halloween decor, I’m just to freaked out by anything more than a pumpkin and a black cat 😉

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