Fall memory keeping toddler craft


Do you sometimes feel like the time is passing by too fast? I do. Of course it’s never that way when I have to make dinner, while taking care of a whining baby, and a toddler that’s dangerously bored, aka I’ll-throw-a-tantrum-any-minute-now.. It’s when we sit down to craft with my daughter, and I look at her hands, and I see that these are not baby hands anymore.

She’s growing up. Little by little, but she is. The summer dresses that I’ve bought couple of months ago seem to be suddenly too short. Her vocabulary is growing every day. She’s dressing up on her own, and finally eating with her fork :). I fell that pretty soon she’ll be going to school. She’ll have her own friends. Her life. But for now she’s still mine. I wanted to capture this moment, her chubby hands, the feeling of this fall. So this is what we’ve made.


Since I really like the contrast of colours that you get by using black cardboard, here it is again :). Of course you can use white as well. Here is what we’ve used:

big cardboard sheet


finger paint

dry leaves


We started by stamping her hand on the yellow sheet of paper.


..we glued it on to the cardboard:


And then my daughter was gluing the leaves.


And here it is, our simple and really easy, fall memory keeping toddler craft:


I think think that we might be making them every year :). I plan to add them to our photo albums. Yes, I still make them. And how do you preserve your baby/ kids souvenirs ?


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