Why your kids will love Cars 3

why your kids will love the new Cars 3

I always wanted to raise girls who are equally girly and tomboyish, girls who’d love Princess as much as they’d love Cars. Girls who are strong, courageous and who would never believe that girls don’t do certain things. And I really think that it’s all about what we encourage our kids to play with and what books and stories we expose them to. So you can imagine my excitement when we got invited to see the new Disney Pixar Cars 3 premiere, since this is exactly the type of story that empowers all kids to believe in themselves and in their dreams!

Before we got to see the movie premiere we visited our local Canadian Tire to see the real Lightning McQueen on his road trip across Canada! Now that really got my girls all excited for the movie! There was the life-size Lightning McQueen to make photos with, crafts we got to take home with us and little racing cars to play with.

why your kids will love the new Cars 3

why your kids will love the new Cars 3

why your kids will love the new Cars 3

You can still catch him in Halifax, or just go and visit your local Canadian Tire store and get something for your little fan! There is everything you can imagine, from toys to bikes and water fun, everything featuring the Lightning McQueen and his friends! I was so impressed by the choice they had! And of course my girls wanted it all!


And so when we got to see the movie premiere Lili and Rose just couldn’t contain their excitement! They loved the movie and laughed a ton. And I was really happy to see strong feminine characters that my daughters could relate with! Because if they can see feminine characters doing tough and amazing things, they can imagine and dream doing them too one day!

And then first thing in the morning, with their pjs still on, Lili decided to draw for Rose Lightning McQueen and his friend Cruz Ramirez. And they didn’t stop talking about the movie ever since!

why your kids will love the new Cars 3

This post was brought to you by Canadian Tire, all opinions remain my own.

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