Pink coat three ways

Pink coat three ways

Style after kids is like a circus spectacle; a lot od balancing and a lot of behind the scenes effort. Because while spending lots of time on self-care before kids was what used to be natural, life with kids means that you have approximately 10 minutes to take a shower, do your hair and makeup, plan your outfit and get dressed before someone comes in crying. And usually it’s actually 5 minutes.

So having a throw-on stylish piece, a finishing touch that can transform any look in to a put together outfit is what makes mom life so much easier. And more stylish.

So for the colder months, this one simple piece in my wardrobe is a pink coat. Now, last year, when I first saw pink coats in magazines I wasn’t really sure if they are practical enough for my busy life But I was wrong. They are as practical as a pretty bright lipstick taking the attention away from the dark circles and the less then perfect manicure!

It goes great with dresses and jeans, and even if I don’t have time do my hair ( that is most of the time) it still helps me look put together.



Pink coat three ways

So my first way of wearing it is with mid length dark dresses and sparkly flats. I especially love how dark green looks with this candy pink!

My second go to look now, is sneakers, pale jeans and a cream flowy shirt finished by the pink coat of course.

Pink coat three ways

And then there is also the pink on pink look: with the pink pleated skirt, white shirt, pink little purse, and the pink coat!

Pink coat three ways

Of course we will see if our Canadian winter will be warm enough for me to keep on wearing this favourite pink coat of mine! Becasue if not, then I need to find a big pink puffy parka asap!

Photos by Kristeena from Motherhood in Stilettos

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