Pumpkin spice ice cream hack

If you love pumpkin spice hack you'll love this easy life hack!

I know that technically it’s already fall, and we should eat apple pies and forget about summer, but with the sunny weather outside, me and my family we’ll keep on eating ice cream! Because don’t tell me you wouldn’t like some pumpkin spice ice cream on a nice warm fall afternoon? Now me, I’m a huge fan of pumpkin spice ice cream but I never can find them in my local grocery store.

pumpkin spice ice cream hack you need to try!

And since I’m hosting a play group for moms with kids every other week, I’m always on the look out for easy, and kid friendly ways to entertain. Because when hosting moms with kids in ages from one to six, I always need to take in consideration that everyone has different likes and dislikes! Some kids eat alone, and some still need a bit of help, some will love sweet snacks, and some eat only salty ones. But I found that serving ice cream on a sunny day (or frozen yogurt if you prefer) is one of the easiest ways for making everyone happy! Both the younger and older kids love them, I don’t have any preparation to do, and my mommy friends are always in need of a little pick-me-up.

Though I did found a hack to transform one plain vanilla ice cream in to four different yummy flavors, just in seconds. Because lest’s face it, usually everyone want’s different flavor anyway! It’s a simple hack,  but in all it’s simplicity it gets me my favorite pumpkin spice ice cream in seconds! And makes my play dates so much more fun and easy!

pumpkin spice ice cream hack you need to try!

And so I got to try these genius SnoSpice – spices for Ice cream – that my family can’t get enough of! I have my pumpkin spice flavor – aka “Pumpkin Carriage” – that I love so much, kids devour the “Deep Chocolate Sea Salt”, while my fellow moms are loving the “Cinnamon for Optimists” and “Lemon + Basil” spiced ice cream!

pumpkin spice ice cream hack

And I believe that as busy moms, we all need life hacks to help us a bit. So I’ll be serving these spiced ice cream to my play group, because they make my play dates a bit more easier to prepare and a whole lot more fun!

pumpkin spice ice cream hack

And as for me and my pumpkin spice ice cream obsession, well it’s not going anywhere!

pumpkin spice ice cream hack that you need to try

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