Sweet and sour vegetarian saute with rice vermicelli


When I have no real inspiration for cooking, and/ or no time, I do vegetarian saute , cause it’s so fast & easy, and if you spice it nicely, delicious. And believe me or not, but that’s how I taught my daughter to eat and to like broccoli ! So all we hear at dinner time is: more broccoli mummy ! And when she’s done with her broccoli we need to give her some more from our plates. I’m not complaining though πŸ™‚ So this is the most basic , yet very yummy version:

4 carrots
1 big broccoli
1 red bell pepper

1/4 spoon of soy sauce
1 spoon of sweet chilli sauce
1/4 spoon of rice vinegar
olive oil
2 garlic cloves
sesame seeds

rice vermicelli

Start with placing cut carrots on hot olive oil, and after around 7 minutes add peppers, followed by broccoli. When you’ll see they start getting slightly cooked add all of the souse ingredients except for crushed garlic and sesame seeds, you want to keep them for the end. Let it mingle a bit all together, but not to long, cause you want your saute to be still a bit crunchy. It should take you all not more then 20 minutes. prepare rice vermicelli last minute before serving, and when they are ready place them in the pan with the saute so they can soak a minute or two in the sauce. Enjoy !

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