Why I choose organic baby clothes and accessories

Why, whenever I can, I choose organic baby clothes and accessories, and why it's actually saving me money.

Sometimes it’s all about the little things. A calm and smiling baby, wrapped in a super soft blanket. A joyful toddler running around dressed in nothing else then a pair of adorable leggings. A four-year old imagining that a penguin pillow is a friend who’s lost and needs to be guided back home. And then when they are fast asleep, and I look at their sweet sleeping faces, I can’t help but smile thinking about these moments.

organic baby leggings

I do believe in sustainable lifestyle, and that’s how I try to raise my kids. But I’m not always getting new and organic things for them. First I use the hand-me-downs (because reusing is always the best, for the planet and for my wallet) and then, when I’m missing something I try to get them either locally made items, or organic ones.

Also, when I choose the locally made and organic items, I actually
1. Save money.
Because I plan on having more kids, I know I’ll be reusing everything that I buy. And while buying organic, I buy the better quality product, that’ll stay in good shape through the years!

2. Teach my kids about the value of money.
If I choose the pricer product that I use with care for a long time , it teaches kids respect for money. Rather then buying cheap bad quality items, and frowning them away when they get broken/ shrink /or loose their colours.

3. Help small business grow.
We all know, that everyone profits when local economy grows, right?

Organic baby clothes

So I first saw LelefanOrganics on Instagram. I was instantly attracted by their simple and fun black and white design.

Since I have two little girls, most of the clothes that they have are pink. As I mentioned, I believe in reusing, so even though I’m not the biggest fun of pink, they wear it a lot. That’s why when I get to choose clothes for them myself, I go for simple gender neutral style.

At first all I wanted was a pair of organic leggings with a hat for Rose. They are so soft, yet still really warm, and I love how they pair with everything!

Organic baby blanket

I also got this adorable and super soft baby blanket, big enough for Rose to nap underneath. You can get this penguin pillow to go with it (it’s also 100%organic) that I think is the cutest thing ever. I imagine that it would work really well in a gender neutral nursery, or as a toddler pillow ( because it’s so soft). But even though I thought I’m gets this for Rose, it was my four-year old Lili who got obsessed with the pillow!

Organic clothes for babies

I’m really regretting that I don’t have a tiny little baby on my hand now, so I could get some more of their adorable and super soft rompers and leggings! And it’s such a pleasure to see your kids happy about something that you know is ethically made, while being really soft and warm!

Organic baby clothes

Do you get organic clothes for your kids ? What are your favourite brands ?

Disclosure : I revived these products free for review, all opinions remain my own.

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