3 things you didn’t know about cork bags

3 things you did't know about cork bags and why you really need one1

Recently I was finding myself in front of my closet full of clothes and accessories, with an overwhelming feeling to have nothing to wear. A closet full of items bought on sale and online, without trying them on, of spontaneous finds and of trendy yet already out of style pieces. A wardrobe full of bad quality made in China clothes and cheap purses and accessories. A wardrobe that didn’t make me smile. And I’m sure you can relate, you must have been there too!

We all buy too many of the bad-quality-made-in-china-things that we don’t really need.
So I finally decided to start my year right with a cleaned wardrobe and a new attitude! I purged my closet from everything that didn’t make me happy. And I decided from now on to only buy pieces that are beautiful, made to last and preferably ethically made!

And so when when last month I found EveCork I really fall in love! Their accessories are beautiful, made to last and are made from cork! Yes, just like the one in the vine bottles. But I bet you didn’t know that they are also:

1. Fashion forward and functional.

With plenty of beautiful styles to choose, from satchels and totes to cross-bodies and wallets!

2. Sustainable sourced and vegan.

Which means that no animal suffered during the process of making these.

3. Ethically handmade in Portugal.

And for me that means a better quality, made to last product and a piece of mind!

So while I added to my wardrobe this gorgeous Black Shanxi Tote and a new lovely Pink Reza wallet, I made sure to get rid of the clutter and keep only what I really love.

And if you still don’t have a cork bag, then I’m sure you’ll love discovering their quality and texture! I couldn’t be more happy about mine!

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