How to make kids excited about taking photos

how to get kids exited abut photos - three great tips that help me every time

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”— Aaron Siskind

I love taking photos of my kids – and just as Aaron Siskind I believe that it’s a way of loving, and capturing what you love forever! I believe in photographing the every-day life, the ordinary and the easily forgettable days. And I love how through photography we get to see the beauty in those fragile moments – moments that in the end consists the majority of our lives!

Because while faraway travels are for sure picture perfect, for me it’s in the everyday parenting moments that my happiness lays. And it’s these everyday adventures that I want to remember! Like the dimples in my four-year old cheeks when she smiles. The way my daughters cuddle my 8 month old pregnant belly. How they pick up flowers, and how they play together in our backyard during the long weekend.

Sometimes however my kids are not as exited about capturing the moment as I am. They don’t care for stopping for a second and showing me these dimples, because what they want is to play and seek their own magic!

But when I showed them the “magical camera” – aka instax SQ6 over the Victoria weekend as they called it, everything changed!

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It was a three-day long weekend that we have spent mostly around our home, with girls paying in the garden, eating ice cream on the patio, picking up the ” flowers” from our un-cut wild lawn and visiting a local tulip farm. Nothing spectacular in the eyes of many. But it was also the first warm and sunny weekend after the very long winter, a long weekend filled with their laughter, cuddles and simple pleasures. And I wanted to capture it all: the last Victoria day weekend before we turn form a family of four to a family of five.

And with the new instax SQ6 I did. The way it reveals the photo almost immediately after it’s taken – the way a blank canvas turns in to a perfectly squared photo magically captivated my kids attention!

We made portraits. And they smiled and gave me kisses. And asked for more and more magical photos!

And then when we visited the local tulip farm, they decided they want to be photographers too  – and with how easy it’s to use, I agreed.

how to get kids exited abut photos

how to get kids exited abut photos

how to get kids exited abut photos

how to get kids exited abut photos

how to get kids exited abut photos

And now when I look at all those perfectly squared memories from our Victoria day weekend I know for sure that I wouldn’t make it without introducing my kids to photography!

So here’s what you can do to make your kids exited about taking photos:

  1. Let them become the family photographer! I know it’s easier said than done, especially if you’re worried about them breaking your expensive camera, and that’s exactly why I found the easy to use instax SQ6 to be so perfect for introducing kids to photography!
  2. Capture the simple every day moments. Instead of trying to find that perfect exotic family activity to make family photos at, try making more photos during your regular life at home – I often find that these moments are the most beautiful anyway!
  3. Let them have fun, explore and take photos while they are in their element. It’s so much easier to capture a moment while your kids are having fun, then to tell them to smile and look like they are having fun while they are posing for a photo!

how to get kids exited abut photos

I couldn’t be happier with the memories we captured over the Victoria long weekend, and I’m so exited to see how my passion for photography starts to be in my kids interest too!

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