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Poppy’s popcorn & a printable quote for celebrating Trolls World Tour

Ever since me and my girls watched Trolls a while back we where instantly enchanted with the life philosophy of Poppy, all the songs and the imaginary world of Trolls.

Playroom Printable

Our favorite quote from the first one was definitely this one here, so much that I decoded to make a printable for my kids playroom! And of course you too can print it for your kids! ( download here) :

“Happiness isn’t something you put inside, it’s already there! Sometimes you just need someone to help you find it.” Poppy

So obviously we where over the moon when we learned that there’s a second part, Trolls World Tour , now available on DVD and Blu Ray and that we get to be one of the first ones to enjoy it at home! My girls where spoiled with the cutest Trolls toys and new Lego ( you can find them all at your local Target, Walmart or on Amazon !) and this mama is pretty obsessed too!

Poppy’s Popcorn

To celebrate we made Poppy’s popcorn that I’m sharing the printable recipe with you too, so you too can make a fun movie night with your little ones! You can download it here!

Trolls World Tour Movie Night Celebration

So as you see first my girls got to build up their excitement for the Trolls World Tour with the new lego and some coloring books- they learned about the new character Barb and got all curious about the plot.

Then we have set up the movie night in our family room and the DVD version is so fun because it also has a sing along mode and lots of extras!

Also, next time you’re shopping for makeup make sure to look for limited edition PUR and Trolls makeup! I must say I’m obsessed !

And of course now there’s a Poppy next to my girls bed and apparently she’s “the best!”

We’re all definitely obsessed with Trolls World Tour!

Disclosure- this post was written in collaboration with Trolls , however all opinions and excitement are my own!

Your most common Cricut questions answered

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut for Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Your most common Cricut questions answered

Ever since I bought my first Cricut machine last year I became pretty much obsessed with it. So much that I made most of my hand made gifts with it for Christmas last year, followed by updating my and my kids wardrobe in the winter months followed by a plan to open an Etsy shop with my hand made creations later this year!

Yes, I’m a Cricut obsessed blogger now, and a proud owner of two beautiful machines- Cricut Air 2 and Cricut Maker. And while there’s still so much I can learn, I have become acquaintance with them pretty fast- and today I want to answer all of your questions!

Let’s start with the most common one:

1.Is a Cricut Maker worth the price?

I bought my first Cricut machine- cricut Air 2- in early December last year as a gift from me to me – and I can honestly tell you that yes it is! Why? Because the possibilities of crafting (or making products for sale) with your Cricut Air 2 ( or Cricut Maker) are ENDLESS. The end result always looks professional. And crafts that used to take me hours, or where way beyond my skill level, now take me fraction the time and I can make all the things I used to buy at Etsy before!

2.What kind of DIY projects can I make?

If you get yourself a Cricut Air 2 you can make beautiful cards and paper goods: from banners, to fancy cake toppers to paper mobiles to cardboard projects to giant paper flowers. You can make all sorts of vinyl projects: like wall decorations, organizing etiquettes, wood signs and decorative pieces. You can put vinyl monograms on glasses and tumblers, or personalize water bottles. You can make iron on projects: t-shirts with quotes, personalized baby onesies, matching mommy and me t-shirts. You can also use it to cut out felt for hair bows or felt flowers for decor projects ( like wreaths, personalized banners or mobiles).

And if you get yourself a Cricut Maker than you can do ALL THAT plus: you can use your machine to cut patterns out of fabric for sewing ( from dolls, to kimonos, to dresses, here the possibilities are endless). You can use your Maker to cut through faux leather and make baby moccasins , leather earrings or hair bows. You can use it to cut through thin wood and make personalized puzzles, 3D sculptures, state wood signs, coasters etc. You can cut through thin metal and make jewelry! Thanks to an engraving tool, you can cut out your own jewelry pieces and monogram them! I will repeat myself, but again, the possibilities are endless!

3.Will it be easy for me to learn the software to make projects?

Yes. It’s very intuitive in my opinion. It took me one afternoon of trial and error and I was able to make my first projects with it. There’s tons of great step by step videos on the Cricut platform too, for anything from the basic vinil project to more complicated crafts, all with step by step explanation. And there’s a ton of youtube videos too!

And, you can have access to the Design Space ( Cricut software) from your laptop, ipad or your phone- so even if you’re on the go and want to make a last minute birthday card, you can access the software from the application on your phone and have a card ready in minutes!

4.What materials can I cut?

As I mentioned before, the list is really long! You can cut through:

  • paper
  • thick paper
  • cardboard
  • vinyl
  • iron-on vinyl
  • felt

And if you get a Cricut Maker you can cut through all that AND:

  • material
  • faux leather
  • thin wood
  • thin metal

5.Is it easy to use a Cricut?

Yes. It took me one video to understand the steps. Basically they all go down to:

  1. Choose a project you want to work on in Design Space ( Cricut software)
  2. Choose your material ( let’s say it’s vinyl)
  3. Put your vinyl on a loading mat
  4. Load the mat into your Cricut
  5. Choose a right cutting setting ( the software will guide you)
  6. Press ON ( machine will start cutting)
  7. Unload the mat ( press a button)
  8. Pull out the cut material from the mat
  9. Transfer it on the project / finish your project

Depending from the material used ( vinil, paper or wood) you’ll use different mat, different cutting tool and different cutting option. But the good news is that the software will guide you through all the steps and after one -two projects you’ll remember which material goes with which cutting tool.

I hope I have answered all your questions today! And if you’ll be looking for me you know where you can find me- by my Cricut in my crafting space, creating and making new things!

Disclosure- this post was written in collaboration with Cricut, however all of the opinions, enthusiasm and thoughts remain entirely my own and are based on my own experience.

Unexpected toddler room must have

When our last baby monitor broke due to one little monkey (aka, my son) I knew I needed a new one immediately. Now, some might argue that I don’t need one since my son is not a baby anymore. And while that is true, it’s also evident that he’s one very active two year old. And two year olds can mean trouble if you know what I mean.

So first, I’m still lucky that he sleeps in his baby crib- I’m not ready for a toddler that leaves his toddler bed 10 times in a row at night! So thankfully he still can be contained in there! But that also means that any moment now he might learn how to climb out of that crib.

And that’s exactly why you need a baby monitor when you have a toddler- because you never know what they’re up to!

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a baby monitor for your toddler room:

  • Can the camera move?
  • Do you get a panoramic view?
  • Can you talk through the baby monitor?
  • Can you play lullabies ?

So, I needed a baby monitor that would do all that and that wouldn’t get easy broken! But it was still quarantine when my old one got broken, and I needed new ASAP. Well did you know that Best Buy has baby and kid products online? I tested their online baby shop and I was so pleased with all the choices online and how fast the shipping was!

Now, if you’re a tiny baby momma or a mom to-be you’ll love all the baby gear AT GREAT PRICES! And I love their choice of kids furniture and toys too! Best part is that you can easily shop online for best baby brands and you don’t need to leave your home!

So coming back to my baby monitor, I went with the Motorola 5″ Wi-Fi video & home monitor with mood light, as it had the best reviews! And I really love it because not only I can see and hear if my toddler is attempting to climb out of his crib, ( in daylight or in the darkness) but I can also check his room temperature ( very useful in the current heat waves we’re experiencing!) play him a lullaby, talk to him through the monitor and move the position of the camera if he’s really moving around (and he is!).

And you know what I captured on day one with the new monitor? He was sitting in his crib and singing the Polish lullaby I always sing to him. My heart!

The moral of this story is that first, toddlerhood is full of unexpected joys and surprises and second, online shopping at Best Buy saves the day!

Disclosure- while this article is sponsored by Best Buy , all opinions and enthusiasm remain exclusively my own and are based on my true experience and life events.

Eclectic outdoor patio tour

If you live in Canada the you know how important is the outdoor living space for us here! While it may be funny to others, us living in our harsh climate we click on to summer months and we don’t want to miss any of it! Because if you have 5 months of snow then the moment said snow melts you pull out our patio furniture and call it the beginning of the patio season! And so this week, some of my blogging friends and I are sharing our summer outdoor spaces with you!

So this summer the snow has melted in April and of course by beginning of May my patio setup was all out!

I’d describe our outdoor space as eclectic and comfortable- with wicker sofa, faux wood table contemporary black chairs and metal side tables I kept the base pretty neutral yet full of texture. I layered wit with colorful pillows, and red blue and yellow color punches. Overall we feel so cheerful in here and the space is perfect for our family!

Our space is decided in to three small areas – the dining space where we have most of our summer meals, the outdoor living with the sofa and the swing chair and the small kids table.

If you’re starting your patio decor this year then here are my tried and tested tricks and tips:

  1. Start by a neutral base of patio furniture. I think it’s best to pick neutral pieces that will be easy to style with new accessories for seasons to come than getting something overly original now and regret it later.
  2. Mix different materials for more interest- so if you have wood table, maybe mix it with wicker chairs, if you have wicker sofa maybe skip the matching look of the same coffee table and go for something wooden or metal instead.
  3. Bring the comforts of the inside outside- even though you’re setting an outdoor patio you can still create a comfortable and cozy space. Add outdoor pillows, outdoor rugs, lampions and lots of plants and you’ll feel like you’re in an outdoor living room!
  4. Layer your space with colour for that summery fun and cheerful vibe!

In the evening we light up all of our lanterns and it’s such a blessing to be able to sit here and decompress after a long day!

And here are my talented friends outdoor spaces! Just click on the links below the images to be taken to see their full posts.

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Simple hack to serve kids more veggies and fruits in one serving

After months of quarantine at home with kids I’m pretty much out of ideas for cooking healthy meals and preparing healthy snacks. And when our days all look the same it’s hard to find new special ways to motivate kids to eat their veggies more than ever, am I right? 

I’m sure we all feel the same now- we’re tired. We’re taking care of children during quarantine and we’re making sure they eat right and are stimulated and educated… it’s exhausting.

But just when I was ready to throw the towel and abandon the idea of feeding my kids anything other than carbs I remembered Evive Smoothies. Absolutely delicious and chocked full of nutrition in every cube! I think they’re absolutely amazing for breakfast as a simple smoothie bowl! Or for a midday snack in the form of a smoothie- and they are the only smoothies that are ready to use, without a blender needed!

I discovered them last year as my mom-on-the go breakfast idea. They’re unique on the market as they come in a form of cubes that are ready to be popped in a mason jar, covered with milk or water and ready to be enjoyed in no time . ( They will dissolve on their own within 10-15 min) . But if you want to have them ready within seconds,  you can also use a blender- I think they’re delicious either way!

My kids current obsession is Touk-Touk ( a sunny blend of tropical fruits, veggies and plant based proteins) that is also a flavour of a wonderful project in collaboration with the Breakfast Club of Canada.  During the first two weeks of June, they will be donating a percentage of all their sales of Touk-Touk flavour towards this amazing cause!

Now, if you enjoy cooking you can use the Evive smoothies in your meal prep! As a base for frozen treats or in pinterest-worthy smoothie bowls. But since I’m a mom like you (currently in quarantine mode without schools nor daycare) I simply make the most delicious smoothies for my kids! That they actually drink !

Here’s a couple of fun ideas that I tried with my kids and that ARE NOT COMPLICATED

( and that taste delicious with Touk-Touk) 

  • Mix the Evive smoothies with milk ( cow milk, nut milk, or oat milk)
  • Mix them with low sugar apple juice 
  • Add some apple sauce and water to your Evive smoothies cubes
  • Serve them in a bowl as a simple smoothie bowl with some cut fruits on the side
  • Mix the Evive smoothies with yogurt for extra creamy texture
  • Serve it in a bowl with low sugar cereal 
  • And if you’re feeling extra fancy you can get a coconut and serve your smoothie inside – your kids will think it’s the best treat ever!

Now that I’m making these smoothies once a day my kids are actually eating much more veggies and fruits in one serving ! And in my books, that’s the best mom hack ever!

Now, if you’re wondering where you can find them, you can either order online , or check your local ( Canadian) grocery store frozen aisle. And, their packaging is 100% recyclable, so there’s no harm for the planet!

I hope that you will find them as life saving as I did ( and as yummy as my kids think !)

Disclosure: this post was brought to you by Evive Smoothies. All opinions remain completely my own and are based on my own experience.

Eclectic summer mantel

This week haven’t been easy in terms of news coming from all around. My heart is heavy. We are raising children in a broken world. I feel this very deeply now.

But it’s also summer, I’m home with kids during this quaranitne , and I do need ways to stay sane- and home decorating is exactly that for me. My home therapy. And I know many of you feel the same.

So today I have got together with a group of bloggers to show you too can simply decorate your mantel for summer.

I choose to add blue accents, like art, books and vase, to bring that light breezy summer mood. I kept my spring leaf garland around the mirror, and decided to bring a big plant in front of the mantel, since s=nothing says summer more than lush green plant in my opinion!

Today I’m joined by some of my blogging friends who are also sharing their summer mantel and vignette ideas.

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