Colorful holiday home tour

Welcome in my home tour! A lot have changed over the past year in here- I added more wallpaper and colour, and walked away from the modern farmhouse aesthetic all together ( in was an infatuation to be honest) and finally became more confident in my cozy eclectic style. I hope among all the patterns and whimsy you’ll find something for yourself too !

I decided to do a minimal front and side door decor – while keeping it super festive and fun! So faux greenery, a pop of colour and lights make for our outdoor decor this year- and I really love the vibe it gives!

The living room is much warmer now with a creamy beige wall of floral wallpaper and a textured rug- and this years decor gathers all of my thrifted vintage colorful finds.

The kitchen got a new island colour couple of weeks ago- just in time for christmas and the santa decor! I especially love styling my shelves for christmas- they make everyone smile!

And my bedroom is also much more eclectic this year- but also very cozy!

And then my kids got each a little tree too- it’s become a family tradition now!

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