Kitchen before and after on a budget

When we first moved here last year the kitchen was what has drawn me in to this home- and what was first on my makeover to do list! While it was renovated recently and the size of it was perfect for our family of five, some finishes where just very not me. The yellow bamboo island countertop, the lack of open shelves and most importantly the old 80ties floor tiles where on top of “annoying” list. But while I was sure I wanted to get rid of all of them and add more character to our kitchen- my budget was very limited!

I started by painting the counter top with White Appliance Epoxy Paint that still holds great after almost 6 months of everyday use! Then we took down some of the cupboards and installed simple diy shelves, and I changed the hardware from simple black to more elegant gold ones. I also painted the kitchen island with Country Chic Paint with a custom mix of Dune Grass and Crinoline- a perfect seaglass shade in my opinion!

But the worst of all was the floor- impossible to clean properly, rough on the mosaic edges and not my style. And that tile floor was all over the kitchen and dining room area- since it’s the open space we have here it felt like it was the main characteristic of the house! But after checking in with the local contractor and realizing that it would cost well over 3K to have it done by him- plus the materials- we decided to tackle it on our own!

Here’s the before:

However even though we decided to do it on our own we didn’t want to remove the entire tile floor, because first it would take eternity to diy and second it’s a very complicated and messy process if you do it alone! So we needed a floor that could easily go over the existing old tiles, that would be water resistant and that would look like wood – I’m a sucker for wood flooring in the kitchen and I was dreaming about white cabinets and wood floors for years now!

We decided to opt for the Rigid Core Engineered SPC Vinyl Plank in Toffee from Golden Select – as I have seen some of my friends also use it in their homes. It’s fully water-resistant and so it’s perfect for kitchens- and the rigid core of the slats gives high durability and resistance against scratches and dents so it’s perfect for a home full of kids and pets like ours! And best thing is that you can lay it directly over existing floor!


As you see right next to the kitchen island is the rest of our open space and the dining area. I just love how the wood floor is grounding the space now and how white furniture pops now! It took my hubby and his dad less than two days to put it up, and they both said it was the easiest floor to put ever. And I justI love how easy it is to clean and how beautifully it looksnow!

I can’t wait to put it up in the hallway that’s leading to this space now- it’s such a beautiful shade and finish that I could seriously have it all over my home. And it’s a budget friendly option ( available at Costco!). So stay tuned for the entryway reveal in a month or so!

Disclaimer- this post was brought to you by Golden Select, but all opinions,enthusiasm and judgment are entirely my own!

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