Healthy peanut butter & banana cookies

Healthy peanut butter & banana cookies

Yes, I’m not joking, these healthy peanut butter & banana cookies are really a good nutritious choice! Whenever it’s because you decided to eat more healthy food, or you just love peanut butter ( that’s me) I dare you to try them !

You see, I think that everything in life has it’s place and time, just like dessert: when it’s healthy, it can be a part of your daily diet, and when it’s decadent, just keep it for special occasions. But saying no to sweets, and never ever have dessert, just makes people crave it even more. That’s why, I believe that balance is the key.

Healthy peanut butter & banana cookies

So this is the healthy, everyday option, ready in approximately 30 minutes ( including baking) and very low on fat and sugar. It’s soft, chewy and satisfying, perfect for that in-between-the-meals sweet craving.

One more thing: both my husband and Lili asked for more, they didn’t even noticed that there dessert was healthy!

And to make sure that this really is a healthy dessert, use real all natural peanut butter, without any sugar and oil added.


Here’s what you’ll need :

1 mashed banana
1 tablespoon cocoa
1/2 cup quick oats
1/2 cup natural peanut butter
1/2 cup flour
1 egg
2 spoons of milk ( can be soya milk)
3 tablespoons of honey ( can be 1/4 cup or maple sirup, or brown sugar)

Just mix it all together in a bowl. Form round patties, and bake on 350F for around 25 minutes. That’s it. Really simple :). Enjoy !

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    1. It’s the name of the tree from which we get the cocoa powder, my mistake ;). Thank you for noticing, it’s corrected now :).

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