Keeping kids warm

keeping kids warm

And just like that the days are getting shorter, and the weather colder. The leaves are falling and my kids are beyond exited with Christmas approaching. And my older daughter keeps on reminding me that soon we’ll have snow and that she just. Can’t . Wait!
And that makes me worry about the cold, and about them not getting sick again (it might be obsessive. Please don’t judge me!)

But after last two cold and long winters, I did found ways to keep them warm on the days when my kids spend more time playing in cooler weather.

My plan for the days of playing outside during fall and winter:

1.Starting their day with a warm beverage.

While I was growing up in Poland I would always drink hot fruit herbal tea ( made from dried fruits) and this is what my girls love. But they also love to start the cold days with hot chocolate!

2. Dress them in layers.

Instead of one big polyester pull, that doesn’t really breathe, I go for a couple of layers. It’s just so much easier to control their body temperature that way.

3. Look for natural fibers while shopping for kids.

I like to choose cotton for layers touching body, and merino wool for the layers that are keeping them warm . Add then depending from how cold it really is, I’ll either add a wind/rain coat, or a real snowsuit for kids.

4. Cook soups that kids will like to warm them once they’re back home.

Nothing warms up as a bowl of soup, and if you can sneak in some veggies and a bit of garlic, ginger or turmeric, then for sure your children will warm up and stay healthy!

So this is what I learned after getting through many Canadian winters, and this is what works best for my kids. So this year, I decided to get some new merino clothing for my growing daughters. Because if there’s something that’s essential for cold Canadian weather, it’s merino wool.

keeping kids warm

keeping kids warm

keeping kids warm

keeping kids warm

keeping kids warm

I just love how Lili feels in her soft pink hoodie. It’s her go to piece, perfect for her kindergarten days when they play in the yard, and for long walks with me in the park. It’s perfect for playing outside in the fall leaves. And it’s so pretty and soft!

As for Rose, I got her a simple and cozy gray merino sweater,that looks great with everything. So I don’t have to worry if she’s warm or freezing. I know she’s good. And she just loves her pockets!

Oh and of course these girls love matching, so they got the same (one size really fits all) super warm and soft merino beanies.

What I love about merino it’s that it’s a natural fiber, keeping kids warm like nothing else. But it’s also evacuating the heat better then any other fabric, so your kids are always warm but never too hot!

It has really been a while now that I love Luvmother. Their products are designed locally, and outsourced ethically, they’re pretty in every little detail and really made to last. And with great quality comes great comfort!

And so, this fall and winter I’ll be feeding my kids lots of soups, and dressing them in merino layers. Because I’m sure they’ll stay warm and cozy that way.

keeping kids warm

Disclosure : This post was brought to you by Luvmother, all opinions remain entirely my own.

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