Why you need a ballerina skirt

Ballerina skirt

Since I became a mom I changed my outlook on a lot of things including my body. I understood how truly a amazing our bodied are, and how unimportant are the societies standards of beauty. It took me awhile, but I finally realized that instead of trying to fit my body in to a mold of cultural unrealistic standards, I just need to love it and embrace it as it is. And dress it with pleasure and creativity without thinking much of how it could be dressed once looking thinner or younger.

That’s why I decided to share more fashion ideas with you, since I believe we all need to see more real life woman having fun with fashion, embracing their bodies and dressing in whatever makes them happy! And less photoshopped unrealistic images showing us how we should look, am I right?!

So today I want to share with you my new must have- a tulle ballerina skirt! Seriously, its a wardrobe staple, comfortable, fluffy, embracing these mom-hips and a muffin top- and cute and flirty for any outing or date night.

Here I styled mine with a soft button down shirt in white and blue stripes and pretty nude block heel with a simple toe strap and just a little bit of sparkle! And a little pink crossover purse, because pink on pink is always a win!

And when I’m out brunching, I like to wear it with flat sandals and a simple white tee, or snickers and a black tee. Seriously, just any tee and this skirt, and I feel like I can conquer the world!

Ballerina skirt

Ballerina skirt

Next time when you’re out shopping, and you’re not quite sure what to buy for the evening out with friends, try a tulle skirt! You’ll love how comfortable and versatile it is!

Ballerina skirt

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