One room challenge- eclectic nursery project part 1

I have never took part in the One Room Challenge before, but I did my share of makoveres – in my own home with the girls shared bedroom (twice) with the living room fake build in transformation, that time I changed my patio twice, and at my friends and family spaces over the last three years. So I finally decided to hop on that design bandwagon, with my newest project for my youngest family member- the nursery makeover!

Here’s how this room looked last month:

DIY inspiring quote prints

And here’s how this room looks at this very moment – rather sad, don’t you think?  Ok, taking a photo in the evening never helps, and I must admit I have a weird satisfaction at seeing just how bad it is now – probably because I feel how satisfying it will be to see the before and after!

Now, this room used to be Rose’s nursery five year ago, then it has changed in to a shared bedroom for two of my daughters, and lately, in the in-between-stage it has looked like a shelter. But I have big plans for this little space, and let me share them with you!

First I want to add a dramatic but calm accent wall. I know this sounds like an oxymoron but I hope to show you the contrary! And while I don’t plan on painting, I will add a removable wallpaper- and blog all about it!

Second I want to add the eclectic furniture in this room – a mid century modern piece for a changing table/dresser, a colorful baby bed, a bohemian pouf and a contemporary nursing chair.

Next, I’ll leyer textures and colours with a boho inspired rug, a gallery wall and some whimsical art. I’m actually planning to paint a watercolour piece – that I’ll share with you as a printable for your home !

So here’s my mood, for what I call an eclectic nursery project !

baby boy eclectic nursery


Stay tuned for next week’s update!

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