Living room before and after- you won’t believe it’s the same space!

You know I love makeovers but if you have been reading my blog for awhile you might also know that most of my home spaces are pretty much finished. So last year decided to follow my heart and do more makeovers BUT in other ppl homes! I haven’t blogged about the projects I finished last year just yet ( if you do follow me on Instagram you must have seen them though) but today I want to share with you here THE MOST AMAZING ONE I did so far!

Let me show you the before:

So a little back story first: back in October I came up with an idea of giving a makeover gift to someone local who had a rough covid year – but since all I can really gift alone are my ideas and design plans I went to chat with Roxane ( the nicest person ever) from Hudson Hardware asking her if they could help make it happen with paint and lighting, and they jumped on the idea of helping someone local with a space transformation! Then I contacted my friends at Cozey Sofas asking them if they could gift one of their beautiful sofas and they also said yes! And then another nicest human ever, Lisa from Phoenix hand poured soy candles agreed on gifting some accessories too! With all these goodies we made a holiday giveaway on the Hudson Hardware ig page, and members of our community have been nomitaning their friends and family. We ended up with three winners- one whose space makeover you’ll see below and two who received a space consultation with me and paint from Hudson Hardware. It was so fun to find solutions for their spaces- but the biggest pleasure was creating a whole new room for our winner Phylicia!

And let me tell you- I’m so happy that she won this makeover! Phylicia is a young nurse who have been working through the worst of pandemic on the front lines- she has volunteered to go back to her work in ICU where she was needed the most- working over time through the thick of it. She lives with her husband who is in the military and with their two cats- Simba & Nala. Needles to say it has been a very rough time for them.

And as you could see in the before photo, their space had two big problems- no appropriate furniture and no focal point. And as Phylicia was saying “the space had a very awkward layout and I was completely lost what to do with it”. Well, I had a plan!

And so here’s the after!

” The space ( transformation) completely blew our minds and does not feel like the same space. It feels like home- very warm & cozy !” Phylicia

So as you can see the change is striking! I’m so happy with how my design plan turned out, and that they managed to find the perfectly matching mantle on facebook marketplace as I suggested them to do!

They painted the wall behind with this beautiful dark blue Para paint from Hudson Hardware, and they even got this beautiful Generation Lighting light from them too! It fits perfectly with their room, don’t you think?

And the Cozey sofa in sand makes the biggest impact here- it helped define the space ( as it was a walk through living room, leading from the entrance to the kitchen) and it looks both warm and classy while being super comfy and soft! And as you can see it’s also a favorite spot of Simba and Nala to chill and snuggle!

And as for the accessories I have brought in some textiles for that cozy feeling and I used some baskets that they already had. Then I added lots of plants for that restful zen vibe they need so much and I finished styling the space with Phoenix soy candles ( the one in the hurricane glass is my absolute favorite for styling a coffee table!)

I still can’t believe it’s the same space! Can you?

This transformation couldn’t happen without the help of amazing humans from Hudson Hardware, Cozey and Phoenix– I’m so thankful for their contribution! And if you’d like some help with your space- then let me know! I’m officially offering e-design services!

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