Orange juice for the win

orange juice for the win

As a busy working from home mom, I know very well the struggle of keeping a healthy lifestyle! Some days it’s just so difficult, between the laundry and cleaning and the kids who are always hungry or thirsty, we just tend to give in to these unhealthy habits, am I right?

And with the summer weather approaching, it’s even more difficult than ever to stay on that healthy track, since all of the common summer treats are usually full of added sugar! The struggle is real.

But recently I realized there’s another way. Because some things are as convenient as they are healthy. Florida Orange Juice is a great source of potassium, vitamin C and folate, and contains zero added sugar! So it’s really perfect as the anytime drink.

But what I love the most about it, it’s how the Florida OJ adds amazing taste to my favorite summer treats, without adding any sugar! It’s refreshing and sweet, courtesy of nature’s goodness!

Because during warm weather all that my kids and I really want to snack on, are Popsicles. But truth to be told, the store bought ones contain so much sugar! So I came up with a much better, and yummier way: home made orange Popsicles and Creamsicles made with Florida orange juice!

They are so simple to make, and so much better then what we get at the store! Just have a look at my no fail recipe!



Orange Creamsicle

1 cup Florida Orange Juice
1 cup coconut milk ( or regular cream)
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Mix together, pour in to the Popsicle mold and freeze.

Orange and citrus Popsicle

1 cup Florida Orange Juice
Citruses cut in slices

Place a couple of slices of citrus in the Popsicle mold, our the Florida OJ and freeze.

These Popsicles are my kids all-time favorite! Sweet and refreshing, and without any added sugar!



And you know what else I do with these orange juice Popsicles? I serve them to my adult guest with some Prosecco! It’s such an amazing adult treat, looks like a hundred bucks, and is made out of the good old Florida OJ! 

Simply make your own orange Popsicles, and once your guests are ready to be served, place the Popsicles in glasses and pour over the Prosecco. Everyone will love it!

Now, who said that summer entertaining needs to be full of sugar? I did? Well, I changed my mind. Because with some good Florida orange juice on hands, we can make our own sunny weather treats that are healthy and without any sugar added. So simple, and so delicious!

Disclosure: this post was brought to you by Florida Department of Citrus, all opinions remain my own.

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  1. I love knowing all the ingredients in what I serve. This is simple and so delicious. I love the “adult” version. So creative!

    1. Thank you! And that’s exactly why I decided to make my own, to be sure they are best possible and natural!

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