Pistou & cream cheese salmon rolls


Do you know what pistou is? I didn’t at first, and thought that my husband is referring to pesto, when he announced me that he wants to make some. So basically, it’s fresh basil, olive oil and Parmesan sauce, wnd the main difference betwine pistou and pesto is that there is no pine nuts involved. That’s why it’s perfect for people with allergiese, or with abundance of fresh basil in the garden. That was our case, too much basil, not enough time to eat it! So pistou is a great and easy way to add fresh taste to your sandwiches or soups. All you need is lot of fresh basil, some garlic, blender and olive oil. Even the Parmesan cheese is optional.
And then once you have your pistou, you can make these delicious salmon rolls, that are perfect for a school lunch as well. My kid loved it !

Pistou :
3 cups fresh basil leaves
2 garlic cloves
5 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 cup grated Parmesan ( optional )

Smoked salmon
Cream cheese
Multigrain tortillas


Put all of the pistou ingredients in a blender. Mix it well together.


Spread cream cheese and pistou on the multigrain tortilla, add smoked salmon and cucumbers cut in stripes. Roll. Eat fresh.


And I decided to make more pistou and freeze it for the winter! I know we’ll be having these rolls a lot in our lunch boxes this winter :)!

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