Rustic baked apple

Baked apple

Imagine the world where the looks don’t matter, and it’s the insight that counts; this rustic baked apple is the incarnation of this idyllic place! It’s crunchy baked crust holds the sweet, melting in your mouth apple goodness soaked in sweet cinnamon sirup! And yet, it doesn’t look glamorous at all, and you could easily decide to never try it because of it’s looks. And that would be one of the biggest mistakes made ever! Really, this rustic baked apple is one of the best comforting-cold-weather-desserts that I had ever tried. Yes. And if you’ll use ready made dough, it’s going to be super easy !

Baked apple

What you’ll need :
Ready made dough
Brown sugar

Cut out the insight of the apple.
Proceed by cutting a square out of the dough (it’s not an art contest, so it doesn’t really need to be a perfect square). Place your apple in the middle.

Baked apple

Now you need to squeeze as much of brown sugar as possible in that apple hole! Top it with a teaspoon of butter and a generous pinch of cinnamon.

Baked apple

Wrap apples with dough. You can try cutting pretty leaves and placing them on top. I did cut some cute little leaves, but as you could see after being baked nobody could tell that I did it :/

Baked apple

Eat them hot, alone or with vanilla ice cream ! I assure you that they’ll comfort your body and soul !

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