Simple Halloween party ideas

Halloween party

Since I have nothing to do I’m crazy , I decided to organize a simple Halloween party for my daughter. Obviously I got bad influence from spending too much time on Pinterest. Hand carved pumpkin fairies and carrot skeletons.. Well you won’t see any of these at my party. Staying home with kids leaves me with very little energy for carrot carved skeletons πŸ™‚ . If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can go on Pinterest and take a look at all of these amazing, time consuming Halloween ideas :).

Here is what I did : I spent 5 minutes on this simple Halloween wreath. ( I’m a wreath junkie). I had a simple ” naked” wreath, I wrapped it with two 1 dollar garlands, and I added this giant dollar store bow. So simple !

Halloween party

Than I got my daughter to work, and using dollar store stickers we made some cute cupcake toppers.

Halloween decoration


I made cupcakes from cake mix! Yes, I’m that lazy. I made two sorts though. Vanilla cupcakes that I decorated with my favourite white chocolate & cream cheese frosting that you can find here, and some candy eyes, so they looked like cupcake mummies:).

Halloween idea

And the chocolate ones , that I decorated with “slimy” green icing, the cake toppers that we made together, and gummy worms:) . I don’t have to explain to you that they were the kids favourite?

Halloween party cupcakes

Halloween cupcakes

And if you think that the cookie house brownie graveyard was difficult and time consuming, then let me tell you a secret : I bought this pre assembled Wilton cookie house kit, that came in a box with icing and candies! And I decided to add the “graveyard” made of brownie ( again, I was really lazy, so I used a brownie mix) and I decorated it with remaining candies and our cupcake toppers:). It didn’t take more than a half an hour, we had so much fun with Lili, and all of my guests though that I really worked hard ;).

Halloween party

You must admit, that it came out pretty nice πŸ™‚

Halloween party idea

Halloween party cake

So it looked like I worked hard, but I didn’t really, I had so much fun ! (Call me crazy ).

Halloween party

And of course after all that sugar the kids went crazy. πŸ™‚

Halloween party

Here is one of out little guests, really concentrated on her “slimy” cupcake .

Halloween party

So, are you going to organize a Halloween party next weekend ?

Halloween party

I hope you do, and I hope your house will be as full of laughter and chaos as mine was!

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  1. What awesome ideas!! I have the worst habit of being overly ambitious with things like this and then I end up failing miserably, so I LOVE that this is simple! Thanks for the ideas πŸ™‚

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