Secrets of a Pinterest mom

Couple of days ago I overheard a conversation that made me want to explain something. The conversation in questions was between two moms, around the age of 30 (just like me) with kids under the age of four (same here). It went somewhat like this:

Mom n.1: I always pin these activities that I want to make, but I never have time.

Mom n.2: Me too, I don’t know how Pinterest moms do it, for me keeping the kitchen clean and my kids alive is as good as it gets!

Mom n.1: Same here, real parents don’t even have time for Pinterest!

It kind of made me laugh, because frankly, I am a typical Pinterest mom.

Secrets of a Pinterest mom: is it possible to have time for everything ?

I do prepare Pinterest perfect food and crafts, and I do edit my photos so they would fit Pinterest estetics. I do share tips and parenting thoughts in a way that Pinterest audience would pin it and repin it. With thousands of repins of my original content, almost 20.000 pins and way over 100 pin boards, it’s obvious that you can call me a Pinterest mom.

So here’s the bare truth. My priorities are simply different.

My kitchen is usually in a state of a mess. As if a hurricane would pass: 70% of time there are dishes in my kitchen sink. I don’t remember last time I mopped the floors. Sure, I swipe and vacuum, but it’s not the same, right?

My clean laundry is usually standing for days in the laundry baskets,in my bedroom, waiting to be folded. Sometimes it becomes a basket of dirty, already worn cloths, that goes directly to the laundry room, without ever being folded.

I never, ever iron. If my hubby needs somethong to be ironed, he’ll do it himself. And I try to buy clothes that don’t need ironing. And if they do, then, well, too bad. Because I don’t iron.

My closets are a mess.(It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, but I can’t find anything)! My kids closets and drawers are a bit better than mine, but still it’s far from well-organized.

And then there are days, when we eat homemade breakfast casserole, or home-made bread, with organic smoothie. When I bake from scratch, prepare freezer meals, and fresh soups, salads and roasts. And then I blog about it, and obviously, pin on Pinterest all that I’ve made.

But there are also these weeks, when we have three times in a row frozen pizza (no,no, it’s not home-made). When we have sandwiches for dinner and oats for breakfast for days. When cut carrots with bought hummus count for veggies on my kids plates.

Because as long as my floors aren’t really sticky, and I can still find a fork and a plate, I think that spending time with my kids and being creative is more important. I chose playing and painting over washing and scrubbing. And I also chose reading and writing over folding and ironing.

And I always prioritize crafting with my kids, or cooking before cleaning. Being honest, I prioritize anything before cleaning!

And I don’t believe in perfection, so I don’t stress about always cooking from scratch, or always looking good, or always having a clean house. I believe that most of the times is good enough. Oh, and there is one more detail: I ask for help. My hubby is a great and involved dad. And I send my kids to daycare 3 times a week too (so I don’t have to sacrifice my sleep for blogging).

So no, I don’t have it all together, because that is impossible.

Lastly, I think that Pinterest is actually every real parents best friend: full of life hacks, ideas and inspirations, it actually makes my life easier!

And of course, please join me on Pinterest !

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