What is perfection, and how do you deal with imperfection? Because let's face it, life with kids is messy, noisy, and tiring. One moms honest opinion. #parenting

When I was in my twenties, a notion of perfect was a gathering in some distant and exotic place with a big group of friends. I used to say that travelling far is my version of perfect. Oh, and staying up late. And it’s funny when I think about it now, but I used to hate mornings. I’m really not a morning person. I need at least two coffees to wake up. And don’t even try talking to me before seven am! But something have changed.

It may be the kids, or just settling down, but now, when it’s early, sunny and warm, and the birds are singing around and I look at my two crazy little girls, I really feel happy.
It’s the mornings with my daughters, that are my favorite moments. Especially since it’s warm enough and we can finally eat outside on our patio.

Seeing my two best people in a whole wide word, in their pajamas, with their crazy, unbrushed hair, and their morning smiles full of energy, makes me feel like I’m in a perfect place.

And don’t think they’re super well behaving and that our mornings are all calm and peaceful. Nope, we’re far from that! Actually, my personal crazy pajama duo is always very grumpy before breakfast and so eager to eat that they’ll usually spill both milk and juice. Then, they’re fighting over the purple cup. And they want to prepare their own breakfast. Without. Any. Help. And that really means mess.

But you know what? I still love it. This is my perfect. Breakfast outside with my daughters. The morning light, and their screams next to the singing birds. My toddler making a huge mess with the peanut butter. And my preschooler serving everyone milk and spilling a good portion of it on the table.

Life with kids

Though when I look at this messy breakfast table, what I really see, is my girls learning new things, I see their determination, and I see them acquiring new skills. And I love this sight. I wouldn’t have it any other way, I wouldn’t change it for anything else in the world.

My perfect isn’t clean, nor exotic. It’s not fancy, nor original. My perfect is this morning light, my daughters dirty faces, and my big mug of fresh coffee. It’s looking at their bright smiles and realizing that I got so lucky to be their mama. And the mess? Well, it’s a part of a deal.

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