Mint chicken sandwich


Chicken salad sandwich is a no brainer, right? Everyone has done it before: some left over chicken, mayo and bread. An oldie but goodie. But have you ever though about adding a hole bunch of mint ? It totally changes the taste! From a bit boring to surprisingly refreshing in seconds ! Really, you need to try it :), I know you’ll love it!


A cup of chopped baked chicken
1/2 cup of chopped mint
1 spoon mayo
Freshly grounded pepper
Pinch of salt

Fresh bread ( I choose baguette )
Salad leafs
Tomato slices

Mix all your ingredients together , put your chicken mix in between bread slices, add tomato and salad. Enjoy the freshness!

And if you would like to add a side salad, go to The girl Creative to see my guest post summer salad that is on today !

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