Tomato and ricotta tart


This is one of my summer favorite tastes: juicy and sweet grilled tomatoes and zucchinis, delicate ricotta , crunchy arugula salad and a hint of garlic. Simple. Delicious. I guess you could do it with real home made pastry, and well, I could as well, but honestly, sometimes I don’t feel like being a perfect house wife, and buying pastry works good for me 🙂

Fresh tomatoes (5 or 6)
arugula salad
olive oil
ready to bake pastry

Spread some olive oil on the pastry, place sliced tomatoes and zucchinis, spread pressed garlic, and let it bake for around 35 min.
When ready, add ricotta and arugula salad.Voila!

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    1. Thanks! Me to, I just love mixing different sorts of tomatoes 🙂 and yes, for some picky eaters in the family I made each half different 🙂

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