Caramelized onions & Camembert croutons – easy entertaining at the cottage.


If I could name one thing, that I look forward to from the beginning of spring, it would be leaving the city and inhaling the atmosphere of the lake by the forest. The peace and the calm ( so rare in my everyday life with kids) that I’m hoping for so badly. Did I experienced the peace ? Of course not. Nor the calm. But I did get inspired by this cottage by the lake.

Fishing, and entertaining with family, while the kids were playing on the beach with grandma, was the closest to my imaginary peace and calm, and honestly, it wasn’t that bad 😉

At the cottage

First, the fishing. Do you fish? I don’t. But I did try, and of course I didn’t catch anything. And even if I did , I would probably let it free. But my brother-in-law did, and he even taught my daughter how to fish. And surprisingly she wasn’t grossed out!



And me, I just felt sorry for the creature that was supposed to finish on our plate. But being honest with you, I must admit that when I tried it stir fried with butter and fresh cilantro I forgot about it and I could help but think that we should have fresh fish more often!


And then my sister-in-law introduce me to her favourite crouton recipe, and I just felt like I need to share it with the world! Because these Caramelized onions and Camembert croutons, will be your next favourite entertaining go-to recipe: gooey, crispy and easy to make! And even my kids liked them ( Well, not entirely, we still have some work to do with the Caramelized onion taste.. My older one left it aside wining that they ruined her grilled cheese..)

[bctt tweet=”These Caramelized onions and Camembert croutons, will be your favourite entertaining go-to recipe: gooey, crispy and easy to make!”]

But if you’re not a three and a half year old child, I’m sure you’ll love them (as specially with a glass of vine)!

Caramelized onions & Camembert croutons

Caramelized onions & Camembert croutons :

1 baguette cut in pieces
Camembert cheese
2 Onions
sugar 1 teaspoon

Cut onions on to thin stripes, and cook them on medium heat with a lot of butter, until turned golden. Place Camembert slices on baguette, add salami and Caramelized onions, and bake on 350F for around 5 minutes ( or until Camembert melts evenly) .

Caramelized onions & Camembert croutons

Serve with chilled rose wine ( and if you have kids, pretend that you don’t hear when they scream that they too want to try your juice).

And what are your favourite recipes to entertain during the summer?

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