Burger with Berber spices, Swiss cheese and spicy mayo




I don’t really like burgers. Maybe cause I’m not a real carnival, and I don’t eat, nor feed my family with a lot of meet. You know, it’s not that healthy, and unless it’s free ranged I always feel morally in doubt when buying it. Well, my moral issues aside, I just miss spices when eating usual burgers. So what I propose to you today is adding some , and exchanging usual dull cheese with more pronounced Swiss cheese. And of course the spicy mayo, let us not forget that ! Honestly these burgers are amazing. As for the Berber spice, you can either look for a ready mix in one of the spice shops in your neighborhood, or you can prepare your own mix. If you do so, here is what you’ll need:

Mix of following :
– hot peppers flakes
– dry ginger
– cardamon
– nutmeg
– black pepper

For the burgers:
Your favorite ground meet
1 egg
1 spoon of Berber spice
Swiss cheese
1 spoon of sweet chili sauce
kaiser buns

Add whole egg and spices to the meet, prepare patties, and let them grill. Warm your buns. Put slices of cheese on ready burgers, let them melt a bit. Mix mayo with sweet chili sauce. Assemble the burgers. Dig in.

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