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Watermelon Summer print & a meal plan to print at home

With days finally filled with sunshine and heat all I can think about is how I’m grateful for this time with my family. Despite everything that’s happening kids seem to be happy in their new routine, and while I am tired of cooking all these meals at home and homeschooling my three little monkeys, I’m also grateful for the frontline workers and all that they do , so we can stay safe at home.

So to make my kitchen a bit more cheerful, and my cooking more fun, I have made this watermelon summer kitchen print and meal planning sheets that go with it! ( And if you’re looking for more fun summer printables then my talented friends have all shared some more cheerful ideas! Make sure to check them at the bottom!)

Because now that kids have school at home, they seem to be always hungry- and meal planning have really become a lifesaver if you ask me! Though you might ask why there’s no Sunday on my meal plan? Well, by Sunday I usually refuse to cook and we order take out !

I guess I’m a bit obsessed with watermelons this season, but nothing says summer more than these juicy fruits in my opinion!

You can upload your meal plan here, and just print it at home!

And here’s the print for you!

I hope They will cheer your kitchen as they did mine!

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Eclectic spring home tour

It’s finally spring, and while the world is unstable, our homes are more than ever out safe and calm spaces- and so I think that decorating for spring is even more important than ever! So today I’m sharing my spring home tour in collaboration with some of my blogging friends ( make sure to check their homes!)

This year I decided to embrace my romantic decor affiliations, and add flowers literally everywhere- including on the furniture! While I know this is not for everyone, me and my kids we love being surrounded by colours and flowers!

When you’ll step inside our house you’ll be greeted buy our colorful entryway- I have recently painted these doors pink, and decided to add a wreath inside our entryway this year. Now every time I pass by I have something to smile about! I found these decorative surface tatoos in Dollar Store last week, and while I wasn’t sure at first what I’ll do with them, now I’m so happy I decided to get them. It took me thirty minutes and a total of 4$ to transform my entryway drawers chest for spring! Let me know what you think of this furniture!

In the living room I switched winter pillows for lighter pink spring onces and I added more flowers! Also, my mantel is now my favourite home vignette.

Then in my kitchen I have simply cleaned my open shelves, I added more tulips and a fresh new kitchen towel. I’m all about keeping things fresh, adding more pink accessories and keeping things simple in my kitchen this season!

I hope that my home tour can inspire you to decorate your home for spring too now! And please make sure to check my talented friends beautiful homes too!

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Toddler room update

This past weekend I decided that it’s time for a little toddler room update! We where all a bit tired with the blue mural that was on the wall and while I’m not ready to take Julien out of the crib- he’s a year an a half and I still need him contained in that crib – he does need more space for toys and play.

When I first design this room over a year ago, I wanted a statement wall that would set a tone for his room. But the thing is that sometimes statements are a bit too strong, and after awhile you get tired of them! 

So this past weekend, with a bit of help from my mother in law, we did a makeover in Julien’s nursery! 

 We painted the walls this fresh mint green, that funny enough was not my first colour choice! It’s actually a proof that sometimes design mistakes are positive coincidences! See, I was picking up paint on a whim, with 3 kids in tow, and was sure that the sample I choose was more blueish and greenish. I compared all the samples in pale natural light of my local Canadian Tire and decided that this should do. And while this is not the pale bluish green I was going for, and it’s definitely mint and nothing else, in end we all like it anyway !

Then we moved furniture around, and all of the sufdden the room feels much bugger!

And I added these rainbow decals from Rocky Mountain Decals! They where super easy to instal, and I think they look really cute in here! Best thing about these decals is that they are easy to take off and stick somewhere else, so for a serious redecorator like me they are the best option! ( plus, they don’t damage walls!)

 I’m really happy with those colourful rainbow decals and the half wall of colour – they’re fun together and add character to this room- but don’t overwhelm the space as the big mural did!

And now this room feels fresh, is more toddler friendly and definitely feels a bit bigger! ️And all it took was a bit of paint and fun decals!

Eclectic home fall tour

I’m so excited to share with you my fall home tour! Now that the temperatures started dropping I love being at home – and I want to make it extra cozy and warm.

I really think that decorating for fall is like re discovering your home all over again- after months spend outside, it’s the time to add throw blankets, switch up textiles and bring some lovely fall flowers in.

So today I’m partnering with a bunch of my Canadian blogging friends -very talented ladies – so you can see their lovely fall homes too! Their styles are all different and so I’m sure you’ll be able to find plenty of inspiration for your home- you’ll find it at the end of my home tour!

So grab yourself a nice mug mug of hot tea ( or a glass of vine!) and let’s start!

Welcome to my home!

It’s not big but it’s cozy and it smells like pumpkin spice- now let me show you around!

Living room

First thing you see when you come in is our living room- right of the entry door, this is the space where we read, cuddle and spend time as a family- so of course this space is usually the first one that gets decorated for fall!

And the first thing that you will notice in our living room is most likely the fireplace! This year I opted for warm and cozy vibes in here- so lots of yellow, a bit of pink, and all the velvet pumpkins I could get my hands on!

To be honest I’m absolutely obsessed with my mantel this year- I used to decorate for fall with more heavy and black pieces and I always felt it wasn’t me.

This year I decided to embrace pink and gold with a pumpkin theme and I think it looks absolutely perfect in here!

I shopped my home for the candles and candlesticks and I added all the pumpkins and the pom pom garland that I found at our local Homesense!

The rest of the living room got even more cozy then usually too- fluffy throws, candles and ceramic candles are all it takes for the cozy fall vibe!

Master bedroom

Then if you’d go up the stairs is my bedroom- this is the moody space in our home- and this fall I did something I never did before- I added plaid!

I realize it may not be shocking for you, but I usually decorate with florals or simple geometric prints- so this all in cozy change is big for me!

But I just love how it looks and feels! And would you believe that these plaid pillow covers where an Amazon find?

Also, adding velvet pumpkins is my new fall obsession! I really think they add an instant cozy fall touch to any space! That, and of course candles everywhere.

Family table

Now let me show you in our sunroom- after going back the stairs and passing through kitchen there’s this little space where we eat, do homework and craft- our family table.

And in celebration of the new season I have set up a simple fall centerpiece: more velvet pumpkins, some greenery, sunflowers and a little bit of yellow check- this space is definitely bright and cheerfully autumnish!

I must say, I have a soft spot for sunflowers- maybe because they grow in Poland everywhere during the summer and so they remind me of my childhood, and maybe because they’re the essence of cheerfulness – they are definitely my favorite flowers!

And so I don’t think I could have my morning coffee with a better view!


And lastly I wanted to show you fall in my kitchen ! It’s another space in our home that’s mostly moody and cozy! Once the morning light is over this little kitchen is full of shades- truly a perfect space for lighting a candle or two.

I decided to add another pom pom garland in here and simply display my seasonal finds- mugs and tea cups- it’s nothing fancy, but a lot of cozy!

Front door

Now if you’d be leaving you’d probably pass by this door- our entry isn’t big nor fancy, and we have some work to be do on the stairs here- but it didn’t stop me from adding some pumpkins and seasonal flowers! And the cutest little wrath I found at Homesense!

This entry is far from elegant eclectic vibes I usually go for- but it’s cheerful, cozy and makes my kids smile when they pass by- and that all that really counts!

I hope you enjoyed my eclectic home fall tour and that you have found some simple inspirations for your home in here! Remember, it’s not about perfect, it’s about cozy and comfortable!

And now, grab another mug of hot tea and go check out my talented friends – they all have a different style and so you bet you’ll find tons of inspiration!

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Collected eclectic living room reveal

If there is one thing I was dreaming about for my home it was to have a comfortable and cozy sitting room with no TV. The type of a space where we could catch up with family and friends, cuddle with books in front of the fire place and finish emails in the evening while sipping on hot tea underneath the blankets. A no-tv space where coziness and connections are the focus! 

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you’ll notice that I never shared this part of my living room with you before. The reason being that this is where there was a big ugly tv and my old kijiji find that I always wanted to paint but never got to it. Two big brown and black pieces that were just blah.

But when I finally moved the tv to the basement to make room for my new small sofa I decided to paint that old piece of furniture too – and with the new mirror I think it looks absolutely gorgeous next to that blue velvet piece! It took me probably around three hours to paint it, and to be honest I still can’t understand why didn’t I do it before! 

Here’s the before photo so you can see the transformation!

I also dreamed about a bold sofa for this room – a show stopper piece, dramatic yet timeless. Comfortable, but beautiful. I know it sounds as If I’m describing a unicorn but I found it!

The Sven Cascadia Blue velvet sofa from Article is everything that I was dreaming about and more: extremely soft and so comfortable, it looks elegant and timeless – yet the bold color brings drama and adds style to my small living room! I love how this velvet sofa feels and even more how it looks! The loose bolsters are such a chic feature and the upholstery is simply gorgeous!

I also added a new gallery wall here – the black and white and blue theme ties perfectly well with the Sven sofa, don’t you think? I usually like balancing the conceptual art with some graphic prints and a hit of colour- and so I have a mix of abstracts and pretty drawings on here. I absolutely love how it all ties up together! 

Now every corner of this room makes me smile- and the new blue velvet piece is the perfect place to cuddle with tea in front of the fireplace! 

Disclosure- this post was written in collaboration with Article, all opinions remain exclusively my own. 

Vintage floral girls bedroom makeover

As you know ever since we had our third baby we had to get really creative space wise. We live in a rather small city cottage, and before starting basement renovations we had three bedrooms in between all the kids, us two and the playroom ( plus the living /dining room). So last year once I installed the nursery in the upstairs room next to our master bedroom, I had to put together a shared bedroom for my girls with all their toys and all their clothes in it. I went for the bunk beds and decided to organize a transitional room, that will be for both sleep and play, deciding that the moment our basement will be finished we’ll separate once again the playroom from the bedroom.

Well, we couldn’t be happier- this moment has come! No more mess of toys mixed with clothes, no more bed-changing acrobatics ( bunk beds are the worst if you ask me) and no more uncomfortable story time time on the lower bunk bed.

Here’s the before photo of this room- yes it was cute, but no, it wasn’t what was working for us at all!

before shared bedroom

Girls where asking me to get them two beds to be able to cuddle with us right after I got them the bunks, and I just love the look of two matching beds- because let’s be honest, two matching beds mean double the coziness!

So since this is supposed to be their calm place for sleep , reading and snuggles, I decided to go for a more sweet & vintage vibe.

Not to mention the fact that my girls really asked for a girly room. So the floral decals from Urban Walls have set the tone for this space- with their soft pinks and peaches they look absolutely gorgeous! I love how they are printed, looking almost as if they where painted on the wall, and they where so easy to install – I was done within an hour!

The choice of new girls beds was a no brainer- I wanted a pretty vintage frame, preferably white and most importantly extendable- so I could save as much space as possible!

And the only place offering these kind of beds is Ikea! I love how these beds can be set on three different lengths ( toddler/ big kid/ teen) and that in the end they will turn in to regular twin size!

They come with an extensible mattresses that my girls have unanimously called most comfortable ever- so I’m assured they will sleep well in here!

I have also changed a lamp, for this simple Ikea one– I love the soft light and the classic design of it! See, I wanted something that would lead your eye up ( which always gives an impression of a bigger room) and simple enough to give the new beds and the floral wall all the attention they deserve.

I also added this new wardrobe for all the dresses and sweaters my girls own- it fits perfectly behind the doors and it’s so spacious inside!

As for the little night table I got it from my neighbors who where cleaning their basement and have left in in front of their home on the sidewalk! If you ask me I think it looks so cute with the new metal beds, it adds a bit of whimsy vintage vibe- I couldn’t be happier!

The other side of the room haven’t changed much- except that you won’t find toys falling off the dresser anymore!

I wasn’t as happy doing a makeover in a while now- this room has a vintage floral vibe, is cozy, bright and calming and most of all, well organized!

And my girls are both thrilled to be sleeping in two matching beds in the cutest floral room they have ever seen! And of course, that’s the most important part!

Disclosure- I have been gifted products for this bedroom makeover, all opinions remain exclusively my own.

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