Coastal inspired makeover- discover how to transform any space!

I’m so excited to finally share with you my NEW MAKEOVER SERIES that will feature a different space in a home of a different family from my community! I’ll be also sharing tips and tricks along the way that you can use to transform any space in your home!

It would not happen without the amazing sponsors who gifted furniture, wallpaper and paint to transform these spaces- and without my agent who believed in this project and was there to support me every step of the way! This have been a labor of love and a project that took a good half a year of my time- but when I look at the end result- and the smiles of the five families involved- I know it was all worth it! Plus, you’ll be able to see it at CTV Montreal later this year! How exciting is that?!

And now, let me introduce you to the project number one- the Coastal Inspired Makeover – for the family that was aching for more of a tropical vibe in their house. Let me tell you why.

They have immigrated to Canada from Mauritius island ten years ago. And just like I did all those years back, they left all that they loved behind them, family and friends, to build a better and safer future for themselves. When I immigrated in my mid-twenties I had some family here and yet it was still difficult for me- and they arrived just the two of them without anyone to help them. You can see I have an immense respect for them.

They managed to go through all the struggles, she started to work in a daycare ( she was a primary school teacher before) and he found a steady job. They have two adorable little girls aged four and six and are as settled as you can be after 10 years of hard work and without any family close by. And so when I was looking for families for this project they where the first ones that I knew I wanted to help.

So now, let me show you the before:

Their living and dining room are are connected and are right off the entryway, which gives a nice open space but it was just very dark and not really inviting. They couldn’t spurge for furniture or accessories and were living with the hand-me-downs that they received years ago. So I wanted to make sure that they have a calm and inviting space for their family – a home that feels like them and that makes them feel good.

They told me that they really miss the ocean and the beach- so I wanted to create a space that would have a beachy warm feeling to it with references to the ocean and the palm trees.


We starter the transformation by painting the walls with Cloud White from Benjamin Moore– a perfect white, warm and sunny that unifies the space beautifully!

I designed the space with all neutral furniture that flows great together, thanks to different textures and finishes. And since I wanted the living room to feel cozy and light and inviting- as this is the heart of their family life- I wanted to make sure I can find a perfect sectional for their little space-comfortable enough to fit the family of four !

I needed something that will fit just right. And so the sectional sofa is from the Altus Collection by Cozy, in a beautiful creamy white color: it’s called Pearl. I love that you can personalize their furniture to fit exactly the space you have- big or small! This collection is made for personalization- you can choose the number of seats, if you want a corner or two ( for a double sectional) you can choose your material colour and the legs finish too!

And as you see, there’s so much more seating space now without obstructing the flow and movements around the room! The side chair is also from Cozey, the same Altus collection but here in a gray color- it’s called fog. By mixing two neutral finishes together there’s more interest for the eye and the space is so light and airy. Plus, all these materials used on the furniture are easily washable- so yes, you can have a kids and a white sofa!

And I really love these Yukon nesting tables for this room- they are from Livom, a Montreal brand, and I think they would fit in any space ! Their shape is beautifully organic which makes me think of a burned fire on a beach- and a pop of black in a neutral space always adds more energy and interest!

And I love how practical this table is, you can have kids drawing on one side and parents having their tea on the other! It was really a perfect choice for their small living room that is busting with life once their kids are home from school and daycare!

And the rug is also from Livom– I love how it adds another layer of texture and interest to this room while being the perfect washable choice for a busy family!

And in the dining area I updated the table, with the chairs and the bench – they are all from LIVOM from their Saint Laurent collection.

I just love the beautiful contemporary shape of that table set! The light wood is just a perfect neutral for this space and gives me all the beachy feels. The bench is super practical for living with kids and for squeezing in unexpected guests around the table! I also changed their old light for for this organic wide cone pendant light from LIVOM, I feel it adds more texture here and it’s a timeless design!

Lastly, I added the most realistic looking faux indoor plants- they look all so real, and make the space really feel relaxing and beachy. They are from Decor Veronneau and I just love their faux indoor plants- they are a great solution for people who travel for longer periods of time ( like this family who’s planning on visiting their family after the years of separation) or for families with young kids and pets who like to dig in plants!

This space feels airy bright and beachy all year long now and it makes my heart so full to know that this family can now come back to a home that they truly love!

And if you too have a dark and uninviting room in your home here’s how you can transform any space:
  1. Choose a warm colour for your walls: Cloud White, Pale Petal, or Lychee will add warmth and light to any room!
  2. Choose a light colour sofa with lots of pillows – a cozy space to snuggle up makes all the difference
  3. Make sure to add plants- they add visual interest and a pop of colour to any space

A special thanks to amazing sponsors who made it possible:

Benjamin Moore– paint

Cozey– sectional, accent chair and pillows

Decor Veronneau – faux plants

LIVOM– wood furniture ( coffee table and dining room furniture)

Personalized family illustration- @thebeccavictor

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