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DIY painted ceramic

One of my biggest life obsessions is collecting all sorts of ceramics – from colorful coffee mugs, to vintage tea cups, cute plates and statement bowls, I really love them all!

One day I’ll finally attend a ceramic class and then I’ll make my own ceramic collection, but for now you can find me in the studio customizing simple white pieces with a pop of colour!

And believe me when I say that painting simple white ceramic pieces is really the easiest DIY that will turn a dollar store cheap find in to one of a kind piece!

Here is what I had – a simple white pot from a second hand store, and two old cups. All white, boring and not very special.

And with the sun out and flowers out my window I feel like updating my life to match the summer weather- and I want to be adding colours everywhere! So it’s only natural that I decided to add some colours to these simple pieces.

And do here I mixed two super easy techniques- spray paint for the cups and painting with sharpies for the pot. Yes you can spray paint ceramic and glass, and yes you can use a sharpie- and it’s all really easy!

Here’s the simple step by step on how to spray paint ceramics:

  • Using washi tape cover everything that you don’t want to be covered in paint ( I would suggest covering the part that you will be drinking from- touching with your mouth, and where you will be pouring liquids in)
  • Prepare an empty cardboard box, and place your item inside- now spray paint it with one layer.
  • Let it dry
  • Remove the washi tape and enjoy
  • Wash by hand only

As for painting the ceramic I have actually published a blog post on the technique here! So with this pot I have simply painted my pattern and then followed as usual!

But I did spray paint the pot cover! I feel it really looks as if it was always yellow!

So next time you wander if you should buy new mugs or cups only because you’re tired of your white once, remember that you can always update them like I did!

One Room Challenge Eclectic bathroom reveal

The day has finally come- my eclectic basement bathroom reveal and the end of the One Room Challenge is here! To say I’m excited is an understatement- I’m thrilled!

See, a little over 6 weeks ago we had a completely unfinished basement, and we lived in a house with one bathroom as a family of five. Today, we have a complete gorgeous eclectic bathroom in our basement and I can’t wait to show you everything!

First let me remind you where we started:

And here is where we are now:

Since this is a basement bathroom there isn’t much natural light nor much hight going on, and so I decided to paint the space in a subtle but warm shade of peach from Behr Paint- I feel it makes the space more warm and welcoming!

But it’s the tiles from Home Depot Canada that I’m mostly in love with-they are definitely a showstopper here in this space! They turned out exactly as I hoped – patterned, vibrant and a bit vintage, they look great with the simple textured subway tile.

I think the next thing you notice when you come in is the DIY vanity- my thrifted kijiji piece that my hubby has been working on earlier this week. This project was definitely the best idea I ever got off Pinterest – so much more affordable then getting a new vanity of the similar size and I just love the mid century modern vibe and all the character that this piece adds to the space!

And while there isn’t a lot of art in here , the print by Johanna Rossi that hangs right by the vanity is my new favourite print ever!

And of course, I’m absolutely in love with the gold Delta Faucets – I think they add the perfect amount of chick to this bathroom! (I’m still waiting for one last piece to be installed but it should be up by the end of the week!)

Disclaimer- this renovation where sponsored by Home Depot Canada and Delta Faucets, all opinions remain exclusively my own.

Bathroom accessories- One Room Challenge week 5

It’s the final stretch before the big reveal of the One Room Challenge and I’m just so excited to see how this project is coming together! We’re almost done here, the last layer of paint is all done, scones are hang and my hubby is now working on finishing the diy vanity project!

We’re still waiting for the gorgeous delta faucets that are gold and so pretty that I’m seriously obsessively checking my mail because I honestly can’t wait to see them!

And so today I wanted to share with you my decor finds!

What I was hoping to achieve in this space is a boho-eclectic-chick atmosphere with a mix of textures and finishes and a little but if European vibe. 

I think the most important and most difficult part was finding just the right art print – something simple but chic , a bit abstract but not too overwhelming. So when Johanna Rossi have asked me if I could collaborate I was over the moon excited – her art is the perfect mix of abstract and simple meets chic and feminine!

– something simple but chic , a bit abstract but not too overwhelming. So when Johanna Rossi have asked me if I could collaborate I was over the moon excited – her art is the perfect mix of abstract and simple meets chic and feminine!

Then I did a haul at my local Home Sense and got all the cute bathroom accessories I needed! I decided to go for one black element, some classical marble, and a punch of extra colour- what do you think?

For now I can’t show you more but stay tuned for the final reveal next Wednesday evening!

New studio- workshop reveal

I’m so exited to be sharing with you today the finial part of my new studio reveal! As I explained in this post, with my blogging bestie Maca, we have rented an empty space this winter that we have been transforming into a creative studio for photoshoots, workshops and events!

And today I’m sharing with you the full reveal of the workshop space!

Starting with the entry door, this space is what our colorful dreams are made of! Our doors are easy to find too- they are the one with gold dots on each side!

Right by the entrance there’s the kitchen corner – perfect for whipping up a lunch on the go or serving little snacks to workshop guest. Since we didn’t want nothing permanent here, we decided to install a simple countertop next to the industrial sink that was here already, and add some floating shelves. With the mini electric stove top, a toaster and a mixer we’re ready for any occasion!

And then there’s the big workshop table – it’s large enough to fit 10 people. Perfect for an intimate workshop setting! And with all the colorful accessories we gathered here together you can easily shoot any kind of entertaining photos in here !

We decided to go for all white simple pieces and the cutest colorful bunny chairs from Structube – and I just love how they pop against the all white space! Not to mention they’re pretty comfortable too !

On the other side of the workshop area there are our desks – and with the new large white workshop table I have decided to keep my pink table that you might have seen in the studio kitchen reveal as my workspace!

Now, who’s ready for a workshop? Stay tuned as we announce them on our social media!

This post is brought to you by our studio transformation sponsor Structube, all opinions remain entirely my own.

Resource List

Bunny table chairs – Structube

Book shelves ( similar)  -Ikea

Kitchen – Ikea

Wall hanging–

Baskets –

Table, desk chair and pink desk -Thrifted

New studio reveal – part one

I’m so excited to be sharing our studio reveal with you today!

See, a couple of months ago I realized that for my mental health I need to work more from outside of home – because to be honest, being a work-from-home-mom blogger can sometimes feel isolating and lonely.

Also, I realized that I’d like to take on new creative projects- all while being able to work part time and keep on raising my babies as I do, crafting with them and spending quality time with them. But to have energy to do so, I knew the time has come for me to work out of home twice a week. Because the truth is that while I still love homemaking and mamahood, I’m really so happy and inspired when I go to our creative studio twice a week!

So with my blogger bestie Maca from we decided to rent an empty studio in St Henri and transform it into a creative space where we could do more photo shoots, host workshops and collaborate together. And after years of photographing recipes, makeovers and crafts at my own home, my cupboards where plenty of plates, mugs and pillows for photos (aka – all the props) and my home started to feel really stuffed with my overflow of accessories for my styling needs. So having this fresh new space not only freed my spirit , but have also freed my home!

And today I want to share with you the lounge space of our studio, the cutest space for photo shoots, for events and for daydreaming!

Our space has a kitchenette, a workshop/dining area and the desk/working space ( all which I will reveal next week!) and these two cozy spaces by the window- on the left, a lounge area, with the yellow velvet sofa, and the cosiest green velvet chairs – and the photo studio area on the left, with the pink velvet loveseat and the dreamiest rug ever.

Also, I wanted to say a huge thank you to Structube for making our dreams of colourful plush velvet sofas and the cutest furniture come true and for being the sponsor of our studio transformation!

I really wanted our studio to have this cozy lounge vibe, imaginings the fun photoshoots that could happen here. And also, as a mom of three I was dreaming up a kid- free lovely space, that wouldn’t need to be dirty-little-chubby-hands-friendly. Aka, I was dreaming up pink velvet sofas, pastel rugs and no toys around.

Also, this space is perfect for portrait and lifestyle photography, meetings and simply makes me happy!

Also, one of my dreams was to take the instagram out of instagram – and create a space that will be made for sharing and connecting! How?

  • You can participate in one of our lifestyle workshops that we will be announcing on our social channels
  • You can rent the space for your own event or photoshoot

Now, I will still be the same blogger that you know, sharing my inspirations, motherhood thoughts, decor and mindfulness ideas, but some of them might be shoot here now!

Disclosure – this reveal was brought to you by Structube, all opinions and happy tears are my own.

Resource List:

Yellow sofa  – Structube

Pink loveseat – Structube

Green velvet arm chairs – Structube

Coffee table – Structube

One room challenge week three- tiles, tiles, tiles!

This week is all about tiles – my contractors have installed the floor tiles and the showers tiles, and are currently working on vanity backsplash! And I have spend every other evening at Home Depot choosing my subway tile and I decided to prepare for you a little guide to the prettiest patterned tiles out there! .

So ever since I started imagining this bathroom project I knew that I wanted a floor with a blue pattern that would make a real statement while being classical enough to live with it for years to come. What I was worried about was that I won’t find the tiles I was imagining!

Because one thing that can make or break the bathroom design is tiles! The outdated and sad beige tiles will make you want to run away, the over the top pattern might give you a headache and the just right pretty pattern will make you want to smile! Not to forget the simple and clean lines of subway tiles and clean marble that make you feel calm and zen!

So I couldn’t be more superseded when one night I stumbled upon the pretties cement tiles while browsing online through tiles selection at Home Depot Canada ! I saved my favourites and it took me a couple of days to decide which one to choose – there are so many beautiful patterns to choose from! Finally I decided to go for this blue pattern, and I couldn’t love it more!

Disclosure- this post is in collaboration of my renovations partner Home Depot Canada, all opinions remain entirely my own.

Now, I know what you’re thinking- these tiles must cost a fortune! Well, they don’t really- they are cement tiles, and while they are as resistant they are a bit more affordable then regular ceramic tiles and there is so many gorgeous patterns to choose from! Home Depot are the only ones around selling those gorgeous Merola cement tiles, and while these above are my favourite patterns, there are many, many more!

Why choose Cement tiles :

  • They are very resistant and durable
  • They are a great choice for both flooring and backsplash 
  • You can use them with heated flooring system 
  • They are more affordable 

Now to be honest my contractors where a bit surprised when the tiles arrived- they are thicker then ceramic tiles and you need to coat them with a sealer before applying grout – but once they have installed them, they admitted that this was the prettiest floor they have ever installed !

As for the shower I decided to go with this classical subway tile from Home Depot Canada, and I couldn’t be happier!

So here’s our progress of last week’s One room Challenge

  • floor tile is up ( with heated floor system)
  • shower tile installation finished
  • first coat of primer is up
  • lighting was installed
  • the vanity furniture has been moved in!

Stay tuned for next week! 

Disclosure- this post is in collaboration of my renovations partner Home Depot Canada, all opinions remain entirely my own.

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