Easy way to cook Indian food at home

Ever since I traveled around India in my mid twenties I have been
obsessed with Indian food! The smells of cooking curry, the colours of all
the spices at the market and all the fresh ingredients have stole my heart

I still remember that restaurant in Rajasthan that made me discover vegetarian Korma – the silky smooth and rich sauce made with coconut milk and cardamom.

Unfortunately, even though I tried over and over again to cook indian food at home, I never got it quite right.

So when I discovered Patak’s 3 steps cooking sauce kits you can imagine
how excited I was! With only three steps you can recreate the authentic
Indian taste at home , and it’s actually so easy and fast that anyone can
make it work!

Disclosure- this post was brought to you by Patak’s , all opinions remain
exclusively my own.

I love three step method- every package comes with Whole spices for the fragrance and aroma, spice paste for added depth and base sauce the base souse to complete the dish.

So I decided to make my favourite Paneer Korma foro lunch in our studio
last week ! I wanted to test it before serving it to my kids and now I know
they will love it too!

First up, I heated the star anise and cardamom until fragrant. Then, I added the Patak’s spice blend and 50 ml of water , and cooked it until the water has evaporated. Then I added paneer cheese in cubes and cooked for another five minutes ( you can make this with chicken or tofu too!)

Once it was all cooked I added the sauce base and let it simmer for another 15 minutes! I wish you could feel the smell! I garnished it with fresh cilantro and it was all ready!

Seriously, I never felt as a better cook then last week when I was making my very own Paneer Korma!

And best thing about it is that this source can be used on a pizza, with chicken or even with fish – it’s so versatile and so easy to make!

Disclosure- this post was brought to you by Patak’s, all opinions remain my

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