Gift wrapping station

Gift wrapping station

One of the little things that eases up my holiday stress in making sure that all of my wrapping papers are all in one place and ready to be used! That’s why every year I try to set myself a gift wrapping station! It’s a real life saver during the busy holiday season!

And one of my early childhood memories, is sneaking on to my grandmother wrapping gifts, always last-minute on the Xmas eve, in her tiny little bedroom. She would keep all her gifts hidden there, underneath the bed, and the bed itself would be all covered in colorful papers, ribbons and gifts. And when she would spot me, hiding there behind the door, she would hush me out, saying she’s only helping Santa, since he’s so busy with everything else. And of course I would believe her.

So of curse, when my own kids became these little gift-searching creatures, me too I started hiding my gifts underneath my bed.

And this year, after may bedroom makeover, I decided to  to organize my gift wrapping station in my bedroom! Especially that not only I have space underneath my bed, for all those big and long wrapping paper rolls, but my new Leon’s bed has 6 drawers too! Perfect for all my wrapping essentials and all off the gifts!

Gift wrapping station

So starting in early November, I collect all of my wrapping papers in one place: the old and recycled, the new and freshly bought, and the hand-made and whimsical. I separate the ribbons, and keep all of that colorful mess in the drawers underneath my bed. And since I like dong my Xmas shopping ahead of time and I usually aim for having all of my gifts wrapped in early December (so I don’t stress about them any more) every time I get a new gift, I wrap it in my bedroom right away , and store in the drawers until Xmas!

I’m sharing even more tips on make Xmas shopping and gift wrapping easier in Hello Holiday guide! Just go the the page 107 and click on the photo to read more!

And where do you wrap your gifts?

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