Honey and chocolate lip gloss

Chocolate lip gloss

If you love chocolate, and if you hate having your lips cracked in the winter, then this chocolate lip gloss is an easy and yummy solution for you πŸ™‚ And since honey is the natural remedy for skin problems, and everyone has it in there cupboards, then all you need is some white petroleum jelly (Vaseline) , and you are ready to mix your own , sweet and moisturizing lip gloss !

2 spoons of Vaseline
1 spoon honey
1/2 spoon melted dark chocolate chips

Place all of the above in the small bowl, and microwave it for around 40 seconds, stir, microwave some more, strir again, and so on until it’s all homogeneous and nicely mixed. Purr in to small containers. Let it cool. Your lips will love it !

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  1. i absolutely love this!
    this is so simple – and i have everything at home to make this – i’m so doing this πŸ™‚

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