How to set goals and follow through

After finishing a master’s degree, traveling with a backpack to India, immigration across the globe, five years of successful blogging, countless makeovers and lately writing a book, I think I got this goals setting things pretty well. Not that I never followed through with a plan though – I once opened an Etsy shop that is still empty, I signed for Italian classes only to abandon after 2 months and tried to take on yoga about a million times.

But now, on the eve of my new goal being turned in to a new action plan, I thought I’d share with you how I reach for what I dream about. And how you can too!

So, what is it that turns some dreams into goals and then reality? And why some remain a one-day-I’ll-do-this-fantasy forever?

Here’s what I think has helped me in setting my goals, following through with a plan and turning them in to reality, and here’s how you too can set your goals and follow through.

  1. Start by asking yourself what is it that you REALLY want. How do you want your life to look like? What makes you happy? Let yourself dream beyond where you are now, what you know/have/are. 
  2. Once you name your dream, ask yourself ( and inform yourself ) what has to happen to get there. Is it a degree? Money? New work position? Is it possible and doable or absolutely impossible ( if it’s really absolutely impossible then go back and find another dream.) 
  3. Divide your big goal in to many, many smaller goals. Now you have a Big Plan! Caution- the Big Plan needs to be somehow inspiring/fun on its own. If not, then it’s easy to burn out and abandon the dream.
  4. Now, divide your Big Plan in to small achievable goals. Start as you are, where you are. Find resources, and ask for help. Check of the list even the smallest steps towards your achievable goals. Tell others ( it will make you feel accountable) about your plan. 
  5. Work hard but take it easy. There are many paths, and struggling or not making it right away is a part of a process!
  6. Don’t get lost along the way. Sometimes achieving goals may be distracting from finally reaching for the big dream – if that happens, it’s time to reassess. 
  7. Lastly, remember that you can do anything, but not everything at once! And that the path is as important as the goal aka don’t do immoral things, and don’t lose your integrity!

So , just let yourself dream, set big but realistic goals, call them a plan, divide your plan into small steps, and follow through!

Believe me, anything can happen if you just start with a dream!

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