How to transform your bedroom for guests

how to transform your bedroom for guests, great simple tips for hosting !

We live quite far from many of our family members, and so every month or two we have a visitor coming over for a couple of nights. Our home is rather small, and there’s no real guest room to host our guests, so sometimes we’d simply prepare our own bedroom for them to sleep in!

And so, with the holiday season upon us and many of you having family over visiting for Christmas, I thought I’d prepare a guide on transforming your bedroom for guests! I even made a printable for you, because I know that you don’t want to be second guessing yourself if your guests are comfortable on top of all the holiday preparations!

how to transform your bedroom for guests

how to transform your bedroom for guests

1. Prepare fresh sheets, fresh towels and fresh slippers.

As much as fresh sheets goes without saying, I really encourage you to get an all-white set for your guests. They’ll feel like they are in a hotel, but with that extra layer of cozy. Also, prepare at least 3 fresh white towels per guest, and a pair of new slippers!

2. Add an extra warm throw, preferably a heated one!

Nothing is worse than feeling cold in the night, and that’s why an extra blanket is a must! Except that sometimes that’s not enough and your guest is still cold!

My mother-in-law would always ask for 3 more blankets and would still be cold, and I always felt so bad for her… And then I remembered my grandmother, and how she would make my bed when I was visiting her for the night! At bedtime, we’d read together in bed and she’d tuck me in with her own heated throw. So I finally decided to get one for my home.
Just recently, I received the Sunbeam Faux Fur Reverse to Sherpa Heated Throw, and I couldn’t love it more. It features three heat-settings and has a three-hour auto-off function, is extremely soft and cozy, looks luxurious and chic on my bed, and makes my mother-in-law happy when she comes to visit!

how to transform your bedroom for guests

how to transform your bedroom for guests

how to transform your bedroom for guests

3. Set a welcome tray for your guests.

I always set mine with fresh water, small pretty glasses, some tissues, magazines (depending on my guests’ interests) and some extra snacks (like some good quality chocolates, mixed nuts or home-made cookies). You could also add a second one in the guest bathroom with some mini sized self-care products and an extra toothbrush!

4. And replace your personal photos with a printed Wi-Fi code (download my free printable).

Instead of making your guest fall asleep to your wedding photos standing by your bed, put a frame with a Wi-Fi code written in a pretty printable (that I made for you!), so your guest don’t have to look for it in the evening! You can get the printable I made here (just print it, and write in your Wi-Fi code).

So don’t stress too much over hosting this holiday season, simply check out these four points from my list, and I’m sure your guests will be comfortable, cozy and warm! 

how to transform your bedroom for guests

Disclosure: “This is a sponsored post in partnership with Jarden Consumer Solutions (JCS). All thoughts and ideas remain my own.”

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