Family patio update

Family patio makover

When we where looking to buy a home almost three years ago, I was always starting the visits from going in to the backyard. I wanted a space big enough to play with my kids, to entertain and to unwind after a busy day. I was imagining a spacious patio where I could fit our big extended family, where my daughters could read in the shade and where I could keep lots of potted herbs and flowers. Because for me summer is for outdoor living, for breathing the fresh air and for reconnecting with kids while playing in the sun.

But nothing is perfect, and so the home that we’ve set our hearts on didn’t have a big patio, and we’ve learned to live with that. My hubby had made a set of outdoor pallets sofas, that where fine for the first year, and I learned how not to kill the potted herbs.

And here’s how it looked:

Family patio makover

After two years in our home, it was time for a change. The patio was really old, our DIY sofas where rotting, and our old little table was all rusty.

We needed more space for our summer lifestyle, and furniture that would finally fit our needs. So you can only imagine my excitement when Autumn from Leon’s invited me to joint their team of bloggers and change my outdoor space for good!

Family patio makover

We finally have enough space for our outdoor living , and I’m sharing all the details and more photos in the Leon’s summer Lookbook, Hello Sunshine, here!

And my daughters just love playing there, bringing all their dolls in, and making a mess. But I don’t really mind that at all.

Family patio makover

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