one room challenge week 4 – eclectic nursery

This week of One Room Challenge was all about the removable wallpaper. To be honest, my entire plan fOr this room was centered around this wallpaper, so you can imagine how excited I was to finally put it up!

At first I couldn’t decide between these two removable wallpapers, I even asked my followers on Instagram to help me decide, and funny thing, there were no major winner here! I loved the design and originality tiger one, and I imagined it would look great with the yellow crib. But I was worried if my kids wouldn’t be scared of them! And then the blue one seemed to be a bit too popular on Instagram, but I just loved it so much!


See, this room was painted in a slightly purple shade of blue, which looked perfect when it was my daughters shared bedroom. And I really didn’t wanted to paint it – let’s just say that with a three month old baby to take care of, blogging and doing a makeover  ( me ) and full time job ( my hubby) and two older kids , painting a room would be the best way to a couple problems. So no thank you.

I wanted however to highlight the blue tones in the paint, and  so I went for the blue wallpaper in the end. Also, I love the wave pattern, and how it ties itself to my ( very loose) forces of nature theme !

So finally my hubby has installed it! ( After some quite difficult three hours to be honest though- this pattern is definitely for the experienced wallpaper pros!)

And now I can’t wait to show you how it looks! But for now, here’s the sneak peek, and baby Julien, quite fond of his new nursery room – aka the nap room, since let’s face it, he might stay in my bed for a little while..


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