Whimsical & magical bedroom reveal

It’s the final week of One Room Challenge and I’m so happy to show you how I transformed my daughters bedroom!

When we first moved here 10 months ago this room was painted dark brown, had old stained carpet and looked really really sad. So the first step of making it inviting was putting vinyl flooring and painting it creamy white. I then hang her gallery wall and got her the princess canopy over her old bed. I new I wanted to make it more interesting with wallpaper at some point, but since the entire house needed attention I just made her those heart decals back in the winter and called it a day. So her room was ok- cute and she liked it but but it was very unorganized and messy. And, since our house is surrounded by trees and her room is facing north it was still a very dark space to be in. If you have a shady room you can either try to lighten it up, or embrace it by adding more colour and pattern.. So this May I decided to do the latter! ORC have been a perfect motivation to finally finish it as I intended form the start, and to organize it so it can accommodate her toys, art supply and clothes. And to make it a bit cuter too!

Let me show you how it looks now! :

Another thing my little Rose asked for where COLOURS! And while at first I suggested her a pastel rainbow themed room ( all giddy with the prospect of painting a diy rainbow you see!) she said not that. What my little creative spirit had in mind was a magical colourful room full of fairies. At first I was a bit startled but then I seen that as a perfect challenge- colorful but not too overwhelming, magical but not too princessy, whimsy but being able to grow up with her- challenge accepted! So with that in mind I decided to get creative with colours and patterns! And I must say, we both love it so much now!

So I got the most whimsical wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct– and that was what have set the tone in the entire room. When choosing wallpaper I gathered my favourites ( you can see them here) and presented them to my daughter- she felt head over heels for these whimsical fairies, and that’s how our colour pallet got decided upon!

Then I reached out to my favorite furniture paint brand, Country Chic Paint,and they kindly agreed on partnering with me for this makeover. I used Sage Advice to paint over the Ikea wardrobe and the shelf over the desk, and I mixed Cricoline and Oh La La for the custom pink shade for the old wood bed I found one the side of the street 2 year ago! I just love how painted furniture and the wallpaper look together now!

However the item that really pulled this big shady room together is the rug from Mohawk Home. I just love how soft and luxurious it feels, and how amazingly it holds in place thanks to the rug pad. And the colours and design on this rug are just beyond! It looks as it was meant to be in this room!

And while we kept a lot of her things here- the idea was to update her room not to get everything new- I did add a couple of new decor pieces that really set the tone now!

First, I found the cutest daisy pillow and a pompon basket in my new favorite local boutique Fillettes et fiston – the sweetest addition according to my daughter!

Then, I got the Unicorn alphabet print from Lorna Freytag– with personalized colors so it would fit the wallpaper!

While we still need to add art supplies to her desk shelf, I’m so happy with how this room turned out- her toys are all neatly organized inside of the green wardrobe, she has the softest rug to play on the floor now and as she says, the room just feels magical!

Thank you to my sponsors for helping me putting this vision to life:

Wallpaper Direct– wallpaper

Country Chic Paint– furniture paint

Mohawk Home– rug and rug pad

Fillettes et Fiston– accessories

Lorna.Freytag– print

Other resources for accessories in this room:

PeppyLu – ballerina basket

Urban outfitters- floor pillows

HM-Unicorn head

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  1. This is such a beautiful space! I love all the colors and patterns you chose. They blend really well together and make this bedroom positively magical. I know she’ll be able to make lots of extra special memories in this space. Great job, CoCo

  2. I knew that I would like this room… and I LOVE it! Would never have guessed that was an Ikea wardrobe – so smart to paint it 🙂

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