Unexpected toddler room must have

When our last baby monitor broke due to one little monkey (aka, my son) I knew I needed a new one immediately. Now, some might argue that I don’t need one since my son is not a baby anymore. And while that is true, it’s also evident that he’s one very active two year old. And two year olds can mean trouble if you know what I mean.

So first, I’m still lucky that he sleeps in his baby crib- I’m not ready for a toddler that leaves his toddler bed 10 times in a row at night! So thankfully he still can be contained in there! But that also means that any moment now he might learn how to climb out of that crib.

And that’s exactly why you need a baby monitor when you have a toddler- because you never know what they’re up to!

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a baby monitor for your toddler room:

  • Can the camera move?
  • Do you get a panoramic view?
  • Can you talk through the baby monitor?
  • Can you play lullabies ?

So, I needed a baby monitor that would do all that and that wouldn’t get easy broken! But it was still quarantine when my old one got broken, and I needed new ASAP. Well did you know that Best Buy has baby and kid products online? I tested their online baby shop and I was so pleased with all the choices online and how fast the shipping was!

Now, if you’re a tiny baby momma or a mom to-be you’ll love all the baby gear AT GREAT PRICES! And I love their choice of kids furniture and toys too! Best part is that you can easily shop online for best baby brands and you don’t need to leave your home!

So coming back to my baby monitor, I went with the Motorola 5″ Wi-Fi video & home monitor with mood light, as it had the best reviews! And I really love it because not only I can see and hear if my toddler is attempting to climb out of his crib, ( in daylight or in the darkness) but I can also check his room temperature ( very useful in the current heat waves we’re experiencing!) play him a lullaby, talk to him through the monitor and move the position of the camera if he’s really moving around (and he is!).

And you know what I captured on day one with the new monitor? He was sitting in his crib and singing the Polish lullaby I always sing to him. My heart!

The moral of this story is that first, toddlerhood is full of unexpected joys and surprises and second, online shopping at Best Buy saves the day!

Disclosure- while this article is sponsored by Best Buy , all opinions and enthusiasm remain exclusively my own and are based on my true experience and life events.

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